Sunday, 30 March 2014

Chapter Eighty Eight

Linda has obviously gone to work today. She now has to work every other weekend. I get a long weekend every four weeks so we both have a long weekend together next week. However today is a working day for her; and something of a marathon too. She had to leave this morning at 07-00 and will not get home until close to 22-00 tonight. It wouldn't matter so much, but she has not physically got time for a break. A bit over the top I feel.
Still, she is loving the work and loves some of her people that she cares for. Her big worry this morning is that some of her people may have forgot the clocks went forward last night. She is dreading finding complaints from all sides that she is to early.
St Patricks day has been and gone without a great deal of celebrating from our side. I used to go out on a St Patricks day night, but haven't done so for years. Just had a whiskey or two at home. Very nice.
The following day was Kacey's birthday. Always a great favourite of mine and my god daughjter as well. I can't believe that little scrap I held in my arms and told her first joke to, ( she definitely wasn't wind), is now thrty five years old. That was a surprise. Tempus fugit.
 I couldn't resist putting this picture up for you all to see. It was at the Eden Project. I can think of a few vehicles driving around which should have this number plate. A van I used the pther day when mine was at the garage was a case in point. It took half an hour to clean out the inside. Mind you, I had the last laugh; there was nearly four pound in loose change on the floor, under the carpets, and buried in amongst the rubbish. How thoughtful of someone to leave me a tip.
I quickly found something to put this contribution towards as well.
Unfortunately, we had a bit of a fail with the washing machine which resulted in a chap coming out to fix it. I have to say he done a terrific job and fixed it in no time. A useful bloke to go on our list of local craftsmen.
Friday found us enjoying the first day of spring. It was a glorious sunny day and I was helping out at Portscatho. I don't mind Portscatho at all and enjoy working there. I was doing Ellie's round of course as the only other chap who know's it was on holiday. Had a bit of an upset though when I discovered they are putting me on Lemon Street next week for one day.
Since they told me the St Mawes job was mine, I have been dragged off it at least one day a week for four weeks. I had no idea how much it was getting me down until Linda mentioned it. She told me that my temper was becoming uncertain; I was very pale around the face which was making me look old; seemed very miserable and stressed; and was taking it out on those around me.
I was shocked at first... but a little spark in me told me that she was right. I confess that she usually is.
I have also been having trouble with a chap who can be so nice...but is also uncertain in his behaviuor. One minute he is good to be with, the next he is a nightmare. I have never met anybody so keen to upset people. I didn't believe all the others at first when they told me...but I have found it to be true.
He really enjoys the power of 'mucking people about'. We had a bloke at Farnham just like it, but I never expected to find another.
You all know my view at work...'customer first' at all times...I was brought up on that. This blokes antics show us to be poles apart. I can normally rise above that sort of nonsense from people like that, but, due to a touch of the bite from the black dog, I found my stress levels rising.
Suffice to say, Linda brought me up short and we were able to deal with the problem. Thankfully I am now back to good humour and moving on. I have to confess, a wise head at Truro realised I could not possibly do Lemon Street after the new duty had changed so much. Leaving me at St Mawes now has completed the cure.

Talking of which; my new duty hours, and those of my two pals at St Mawes start in a weeks time.
I saw a couple of photo chances over the last fortnight and managed to take a couple of pictures from my delivery.
All my life I've wanted views like this on my delivery...and now I get them.
 Two totally different vessels but both good to look at. No prizes for guessing my favourite.
We had another day out at the Eden Project last Sunday. We have our local tickets which makes it a very economical day out. As ever, there were lots of new things to see and lots more photo opportunities for Linda. We spent all morning there and did not leave until about 14-00. We then nipped across to Charlestown and had a mooch around there. Lovely place and well worth a stroll about. We even had our Sunday dinner in the pub, (cheesy chips). We never really eat properly on a Sunday.
Linda is still going to band practice and is enjoying that. They have some gigs for the year to look forward to. I start the new season of Coastwatch in a fortnights time. I am on the first watch of that Sunday. It has worked out well with Linda's work and I should be able to do two watches a month on the Sundays she is working.
That's about it for now. I am going to start up my other blog on the Coastwatch as well this week. Thats my blog entitled...Liam and Coastwatch...snappy huh!!
I also have a host of little paperwork and tidying jobs to do at home here as well as getting things organised for work. I have put up a list of postcodes and streets in the office. I am also preparing a list of phone numbers; a list of our days off each week; and a general stores and information centre at the office.
I couldn't resist this picture. The ferry to Falmouth with the other boat in the background. I thought it looked magical.

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