Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chapter Eighty Two

Well its been a bit of a busy time in the last ten days. Linda's work is progressing well and she is enjoying being with her residents at the home. She is very good with people and has a natural rapport with the elderly and infirm.
At the same time she is slowly pushing forward with her own business and is hoping to start things moving fairly soon. The main joy for her at the moment is staying on the Roseland and not having to drive through to her old job every day.
They don't seem to unhappy now she has gone and there has been no contact from them since she left. I know its probably a good thing, but she hasn't even had anything sent to her that she was told had been collected for her. A strange place.
We paid a visit to the Eden Project the other day. It was lovely to just wander about in the sunshine without to many people being there. The equitorial dome has had some new walkways installed out over the canopy of the trees and is worth a look. They also have butterflies native to these regions that have been released into the dome as well. It is all very beautiful.
There also seems to be a lot of new plant growth in both domes as well.The dry dome has some new structures and features in it now. For both of us, this dome is a great reminder of our holiday in Rhodes. It is all very impressive.
Royal Mail has now; VERY SADLY; been sold off. The current thinking seems to be that the government undervalued it and sold it on the cheap. Certainly, the shares that I was given to keep my mouth shut, seem to have doubled in value. Let us hope in later years that the country doesn't suffer for the last thirty years of selling off the 'family jewels'.
I was in the lookout on Sunday and did my first opening watch. It was really good although I was a little concerned that the flag would blow away after I hoisted it. Thankfully it stayed were it was supposed to. I will say no more about the NCI at the moment as I think I will keep a seperate blog on the subject. Am making a start and will hope to publish soon.
Talking of publishing. A very good friend of mine has just had a book published in the last few days. Below you will see the book and it has to be a must for any old St Polycarpians to read.
There's even a photo of me in it so that should be good for a laugh if nothing else.
Welcome to the
Farnham & District Museum Society

Our next publication will be launched on Friday 18th October at 2pm in St Joan of Arc's Centre, 19 Tilford Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8DJ.


The Bear Lane Years 1891 -1962

Written by Tricia Knight

 I don't know the price of it but I am sure it will be great value for money.
Avery odd thing happened the other day which I just have to write about. I don't know how it happened but it was quite odd. For the last week or so I have been looking for my car keys. I was unable to find them and I searched in all the places they should have been; all the places the could have been; and all the places there was no chance they had been. I couldn't find them. I've been using my spare set ever since.
Linda came in from the garden and saw me poking about in the cupboard and asked me what I was doing. I mentioned my keys and said I still couldn't find them.
"Funny, you saying about your keys,"  she said, "I had a dream last night that I found them in my rucksack. Now why should I dream of something as random as that? I haven't used my rucksack in the last three months."
Then a thought struck me and I looked at her.
"No", I said, "but I used mine the other week when I went to the lookout for my watch. I don't normally but I had some extra stuff to take with me."
I rushed upstairs to the cupboard to check...and found the keys in the side pocket of the bag.
We are both still amazed by all this because Linda had no idea I had used my rucksack...and I had forgotten. Weird wasn't it!!!
I have just spent the last three days of this week at Portscatho doing the driving duty there. It wasn't as difficult or as long as my round at St Mawes but I enjoyed myself very much. It was certainly good to catch up with some old friends again.
 This was the view from Truro office on the day before I started at Portscatho. On both the Portscatho duty and the St Mawes duty I have to go into Truro to collect the mail. The Portscatho duty does the first wave and the St Mawes duty does the second. Fortunately this sunrise was on the Tuesday when I was doing the slightly later second wave. It was a beautiful sight and a lot of the blokes popped out to take a picture.
I have two friends in St Mawes post office who are sisters; Lauren and Mickey. Below is the picture that Lauren took from the shop doorway out across the harbour.

 It has to be a lot better than mine...but doesn't it show what a beautiful world we live in.
Talking of a beautiful world, I have in my world a beautiful lady who I share my life with. One of my customers gave me a load of cooking apples the other day. I brought them home and peeled, cored, and cooked the lot of them. I left this enormous bowl of cooked apple in the kitchen.
When I got home from duty yesterday, Linda had bagged the lot of it and put it all into the freezer...except for the amount she put into a pie for me. And here is the pie she baked.


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