Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chapter Eighty one

This has been a week of mixed fortune. All sorts of things happening; some good; some bad. Fortunately, on the whole, the bad has been outweighed.
The beginning of October marked the sixth anniversary of my death of my dad. It seems such a long time ago sometimes...and on other times it feels like only yesterday. I still miss him very much.
From a purely selfish point of view, I wish he could still be here to witness the achievements that Fiona and Lucy have had over the last few years. To see them grow up into two talented and lovely women would have pleased him so much.
Again, I also think he would like to have seen the achievements that Linda and I have had as well. Dad was a great one for wanting little, except seeing his family happy. I think he would have been delighted with what my small section of his family have done.
Watching his other grandchildren getting on and enjoying their own lives would have pleased him as well.
Mum has not been to good this week and she received bad and good news from the hospital. The bad news was to tell her that her scan had revealed a shadow, indicating a mass of something, in her usual danger area. Once again she displayed her fortitude in the hands of fate and refused to let the news upset her in any way. This was proved to be the right course of action as the consultant has now confirmed that the mass has turned out to be her stomach muscle which has slipped out of place.
The consensus is that the muscle has been moved due to mum's continuing cough. I told her she was lucky she had never been a smoker. If as a non-smoker she has dislodged the stomach muscle...imagine what she could have achieved if she had been a smoker. She could have dislodged everything and turned herself inside out.
This bit of enlightened news was greeted with the words that she has an idiot for a son. I protested that Grahame shouldn't be called an idiot because of something I said...so she called me a berk.
How charming.
Linda has now completed her last week for the Alzheimers Society and was delighted to leave the company last Friday. Of course she will miss the friends she made there, including other staff members, the volunteers, and the clients.
However, she will not miss the antics and the nastiness caused by the trouble makers in the office. Finally getting those two people out of her hair has proved a godsend and she looks happier already.
She has just completed a two day induction at her new job and is enjoying the fresh challenge. It seems strange seeing her working in a uniform again, and even more strange to have her working a twelve hour day. she only has to do three or four days a week so she is happy with that. This will give her the chance to work on her own projects and hopefully get her own business up and running.
Work for me has been really good although last Thursday was a huge shock to the system. It didn't just rain all day...it thundered down like a monsoon. Eventually the van seat developed a puddle of water in it. Every time I sat down...I splashed. What was also a huge surprise was the following day. We were greeted with blue skies, a gentle breeze, and a warm sunny day.
It was like living on two different planets.
I have done several watches now at the lookout. The first one was a busy and sunny day and there was lots to write up. The next two watches were totally different with fog all around me. I could barely see the sea and it was all very eerie. It is still important to be there so I stayed on duty quite happily.
Last Sunday though, the weather turned out to be so much nicer and I could see right out to the horizon. It was a busy watch and I had a good time there. This Sunday will be my first watch that I shall open. I have only done one of those watches and that was with a mentor. This will be my first on my own.
I have done mid watches and last watches on my own. So getting an early watch under my belt will have me competent on them all. I want to work towards my Senior Watchkeeper status now. That will give me two bars on my epaulettes.
Today is is our first day off together in the midweek for some considerable time. I'm not sure what we are doing but I shall write another chapter in due course.

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