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Chapter Seventy Eight

The weekend of the 9th of August was another special one for us. This time it was Fiona and Woody who came to stay.
I was on delivery in St Mawes and met up with Fiona running along the road to reach me, just outside the post office. The weather was good and it was great to see her and Woody on the quay. It didn't take long to park the van up for the weekend and join tnem in the pub. We had a good catch up before heading up to St Mawes castle for a tour around that. I would reccommend the audio tour to any visitor coming here.
It is a lovely little castle and in the perfect place. Overlooking the Carrick Roads and Falmouth it must have been a brilliant posting.
Fiona and Woody are standing on the roof of the castle here and overlooking Falmouth.
Strangely enough; it is a quarter the size of Falmouth Castle; overlooked by high ground; and must have had  less chance of survival...yet it was never taken. The castle at Falmouth was taken a couple of times; notably by the Spanish; but they failed at St Mawes.
Spanish records of the time, even say, 'not to' attempt to take St Mawes castle. They considered it a tough little place to attack and preferred the easier target of Falmouth. I love the history of it all. We spent some time mooching around the castle and the grounds before heading back home.

It is a lovely place to have a castle and I would have loved a posting there during any war.
Dinner at Tregony to follow, and a good day all around.
The following day was very different as regards the weather. Dull and cloudy, with a fair bit of rain. We went walking at Portscatho and I took all three of them to the lookout. We had intended to walk along to Carne beach but the rain poured down.
We returned to the Hidden Hut instead and bought pasties and coffee. Then the sun came out. We walked back to the car and drove around to Carne and walked there instead. We had a nice walk and chat together before heading back to Ruan Lanihorne for the village fete. That was fun with a lot to see...but the rain poured down again.
I ended up doing the BBQ under the huge umbrella that normally sits over the table. It was fun though.
Sunday arrived so quickly and the kids had to head back up-country.
We all had time to go to the Tregony Heavy Horse Show before they left though.
It was very good there as always and we enjoyed the walk about the place. We saw Nick and Derek on the NCI stall. Hard to believe it was just a year ago today that I took the paperwork and joined the NCI.
All too soon the two of them had to leave. They decided to call into Mevagissey on the way home. We popped on to the allotment...and a lovely weekend was over.
A couple of days later I got a surprise phone call on delivery to let me know that an old friend of mine was down from Surrey. Mick Yuill was down for a week at Looe and he had popped over to St Mawes to find me.
It was brilliant to see him and we had a good old 'catch-up' outside the St Mawes Hotel. Between the two of us we've had over ninety years service to Royal Mail. There was lots to talk about. The scary thing was discovering the amount of blokes we'd worked with who have now passed away. A lot of good memories were brought up though and I really enjoyed his visit.

Linda has been to a few gigs with her 'Samba' Band. I met up with her and her mates over at Tintagel. The drumming is really very good and Linda enjoys herself very much. This time they not only played several static sessions, they also marched in the procession as well. It looked great fun and its nice to see Linda doing something a little frivolous.

The next weekend saw the house being turned into something resembling 'Doris Archers' kitchen. Being married to Linda is like being married to the fictional Doris. The house and garden were all tidied and sorted out; the allotment had been given a harvesting; and the house was full of fruit and veg being preserved and cooked.

The shelves are gradually filling up with chutneys and jams; the freezers are filling up with assorted veg and soups;
the shed is filling up with trays of onions and bags of potato's; and I am filling up with home made and home grown food.
 Linda has taught herself how to plait and string the onions and garlic so that they can hang down and stay dry. I'm thinking of buying her a beret and sending her out on a pushbike to sell some of the onions herself. A little cornish madamoiselle onion seller.
Linda even finds time to put together some bunches of flowers and sell them up at the local farm shop.
Sunday 18th August was a 'red-letter' day for me.
Today I did my first watch on my own as a qualified watch keeper. I had the mid-watch and I could not have been more proud. It was fairly busy as the weather was good and I enjoyed myself very much. Funny how so many things are coming together for me at the moment. I feel very lucky.
August bank holiday brought us a houseful of folk. Therese and Becky came down with Eliza for the weekend. They also brought mum with them and she will be staying with us until we go back up-country on our holiday.
Linda and I both have a week off from the 1st of September and will take mum back home mid week. The house was full and it was great fun.
It took them a long time to get down on Friday because of the holiday traffic, and they didn't arrive until  midnight. Good to see them all though.
This little chap appeared on one of Linda's tubs out in the garden. There is a fairly substantial, although discreetly hidden, population of Stick Insects on the Roseland. I found a dead one over in Portscatho last year. This is one of the more common varieties and it was alive and well and munching on Linda's daisies.

The following day I was working at Portscatho. It was a very busy day as Tim was off sick and Ellie needed her day off. At the same time the Portscatho Regatta was taking place. A really good fun day and I felt very much part of the local scene.
Sunday was spent visiting the market at Par before a long gentle laze around out in the garden. We did do a BBQ though and that was fun. Monday was equally as laid back and we all enjoyed being together before Therese, Becky, and Eliza headed home.
The weather seems to have settled into a dry patch this summer and we've taken advantage of a lot of that.
I got into work on Tuesday and was given a nice surprise. After two years down here I have finally been offered a permanent contract with Royal Mail.
No matter what work I do down here, my contract with Royal Mail is my main contract. I have just spent two years on a temporary 10 hour a week it is up to a permanent 20 hour a week contract. Good news if I decide to stay. The future is still a little up in the air at the moment.
It certainly is for Linda at present. A volunteer at her work has been making life very difficult for her. Nasty accusations and a lot of spite has resulted in Linda questioning her own worth and re-evaluating her position. Although the accusations have been proved false it has left a nasty taste in the mouth. I really wish Linda would just leave there.

Mum came with me when I visited the lookout to put my name forward for three watches. She managed the walk across to the point and sat in the lookout with me and enjoyed the view. At least she has an idea now of were I am and what I'm doing when I talk about it.

I took mum up towards Looe on my day off this week. As a surprise I took her to see the Woolly Monkey Rescue Centre. It is a brilliant place which cares for several different breeds of monkey that have been rescued.

There is a lot of room for the animals to live quite naturally and it is a beautiful location.

Mum has become very fond of watching programmes about the monkeys so I thought she would enjoy a visit to here. She had a great time.

By the weekend however a problem had developed for mum. Her nebulizer is not working as it should do and a spare part is needed. Much to-ing and fro-ing on Saturday; including a visit to Treliske has not produced any favourable results.
It is now 05-30 on Monday morning and I am waiting before I head off to try and sort things out. Either the part she needs will be waiting at Truro Royal Mail...or it means a visit to the Probus surgery.
Still, who cares, its the first day of our weeks holiday and I am looking forward to the break.   

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