Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chapter Eighty

Linda and I had a day off last Saturday together; so we went down to St Ives. It was really nice down there. We stopped off first at Godrevy and parked opposite the light house. There is a flight of steps down to the beach. The last time we walked this beach was the last day of our coast path walk two years ago, when we wore full packs.
The weight then had been dire and we were glad to send the tent and stuff back. If the weather had been better it wouldn't have bothered us, but all that rain was to much. Funny how that day two years ago was the start of a week of sunshine though.
Anyway; the walk was a lot easier the other day, and we enjoyed the walk. We only went as far as the rocks in the centre of the beach and then turned and walked back. That was the best part of a three mile walk anyway.
Driving on we dropped down into Lelant Saltings and went on the 'park and ride'. The 'ride' part is on the little train into St Ives. It was good to visit there as we haven't been for a while. The harbour beach has certainly not changed since about a year or so ago. The sand has banked itself up very high. The flight of steps leading to the beach with about twelve steps in now showing two steps. A couple of years ago if you wanted to climb up onto the mole with its lighthouse you either climbed a long flight of steps or a ladder bolted to the wall. Now you can just step up onto it from the beach. Amazing.

We had a lovely walk around the town and a nice meal in the Union Inn. It was a good day.
The following day Linda turned into an 'earth mother'...and turned the kitchen into a production line for making jams and chutneys. By the evening we had pots of plum jam lined up in the kitchen as well as pots of onion chutney. The freezer is also stocked with veg and the cupboard contains bags of potatos.
While all this endeavour was going on I was able to keep busy before I beat a hasty rereat down to the lookout. I had the end watch and arrived in good time. The lookout resembled 'Englands Last Outpost' as it stood there hidden in the fog. At least the Union Flag was still fluttering bravely...but that was as far as I could see.
I took over the watch and settled in for the next few hours. Binoculars were useless and I spent most of my time listening out instead and chatting to walkers. I could not even see the sea; but I could just hear it as it broke on the rocks beneath. I felt like the captain of the Flying Dutchman, so I did some spring cleaning instead.
I may not have been able to see much out to sea; nor did anything happen to need my attention; but I got the floors cleaned and swept. I also got the mats beaten and the windows cleaned down. If the sun should ever shine down here...the person in the lookout will need dark glasses just because of the glare off the windows.
Work was a rewarding business this week with all of us working our days off. That came in handy and we are doing the same next week as well.
Sadly next week brings the very real threat of privatisation closer as it looks as if the Government will be selling the shares in the next few days or so. Why is it that I feel like the boy standing on the burning deck? Is there any use being defiant anymore when all around have fled?
I don't know, but it makes us very despondent. We even sold out ourselves and agreed to take the shares when offered. It makes something of a mockery accepting the shares and then fighting against privatisation.

On a lighter note, I did have fun on duty as normal, and a good chuckle the other day.
I was walking back to my van when I noticed a short pair of legs sticking out below the open door. Above the legs a tail was wagging. I looked around the door and spoke to the small border terrier standing with his front legs on my van seat. Immediately the tail wagged faster and his whole body shook as he looked excitedly at the tin containing the dog biscuits.
I opened the tin and gave him a biscuit. That was wolfed down in the blink of an eye as well. I then told him to go he sat down. I took a step away to my next call...he leapt up and followed me. I told him to go home again...he sat down wagging his tail and tongue hanging out.
I then bent down and scooped him up into my arms...he licked my face all over before settling down for the walk home.
What people must have thought seeing a postman walking along the road with a pouch around his neck and a daft dog in his arms I shall never know. The dog seemed delighted and enjoyed himself very much. As I approached his house a lady with a worried expression rushed out of the front door to go looking for him. She was pleased that I had brought him home anyway.
To some people, being a postman is not perhaps the best job in the labour market but nobody could ever say the work is not varied. I love it!!
Yesterday, when I got home from work, I thought Linda looked a little tired. There is just a handful of days before she leaves her old job and starts her new one, but I think the strain is setting in. Of course there are many people that Linda will miss in her work, and who will miss her. 
Its the two denizens of the 'blasted heath' with their 'hubble bubble, toil, and trouble' that she wont miss.
Funny how the two of them got what they wanted with Linda and are still making life awkward. I think they'll both be on their own in there before long.
Anyway; I digress. What I meant to say was, I took Linda out for a meal to the little pub in Tregony because she looked like needing cheering up. As usual, it was a lovely meal and it was wonderful to just both sit there and relax.

This morning on Facebook we discovered that our friends who own the pub next door to us have sold up. Nice people, they made us feel very welcome when we first came to the village. They have been good friends to us and we have enjoyed visiting the pub...especially on quiz nights. I suspect they may not stay in this area as they consider the whole world their back garden and feel at home wherever they are. We can only wish them good luck and bon voyage.
Linda put the guinea pigs out in the garden as usual this morning. They will soon be moving into their winter quarters( the greenhouse), but at the moment they are still in the run outside. A few minutes later I heard Linda calling to me..."Look at Widget. I put fresh food and fruit out for them both and look at her. Whiskey has his face buried into a tomato and is scoffing that...Widget has galloped straight past the food and is now eating a dead leaf that fell out of the tree and landed in the run. The mind boggles".
I never said a word, but the thought did go through my mind that..."Whiskey is a lot like me and Widget is a lot like Linda."
                  I've just noticed that Whiskey has a bald spot like mine as well. Ha ha.
Don't tell Linda I thought that though will you?
I also had the mid- watch today at the lookout. Once again it was a misty day, as well as being cold and wet. Another watch under my belt now...and still nothing to be seen on the high sea's. Oh well!!! at least I'm there

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