Saturday, 31 August 2013

Chapter Seventy Seven

Life is good down here at present and we are enjoying ourselves. We had a visit yesterday from Derek and Sam from up country. It was good to see them both again and we had a good old chat. Derek got me up to speed on some of the things going on at Farnham. I can only say how much I miss being part of the workplace up there. I miss my work mates in the office almost as much as I miss my family.
It was good seeing the big man again and we all had a laugh together. However; Derek did pick me up on one thing...and he was quite correct. Fiona and Lucy have picked me up on it as well. I am not keeping up to speed on this blog as much as I should. I shall try and correct that.
Work has been very busy at the moment with the first signs of Christmas in the air. Not bad when its still the summer holidays. We are delivering more and more packets at the moment and that is a good Christmas indicator. Normally they start increasing in September as people start getting gifts and stuff bought on line. This year it has come in a month earlier.
Its probably due to the amount of charity magazines and catalogues coming through. All of them are pushing Christmas. I have had three catalogues addressed to me showing Christmas cards and gift ideas. It does seem odd delivering stuff with Santa Claus on the front cover and a snow scene, especially when I am stood, basking in summer sunshine, with sparkly sea around me and people in swimwear sitting on the beach.
I had an unusual day at work the other day. Firstly, I was asked if I could drop off a registered item to a friend of mine on the Roseland. It was no problem as I was heading out that way anyway...but it was something different. Secondly, two hours later I was helping a lady herd three small cows along a lane. The daft perishers had made a run for it so I got out of my van and was able to stop them. That was fun herding them back along until we could put them back in her field.
Then thirdly, a small boy met me in a garden and told me his granny had fallen on the floor. I investigated and found the lady on the floor and unable to get back up. She was alright but just not strong enough to get back on her feet. I was able to help and got her up and sitting on a stool in no time at all.
It was an unusual day and I felt like a story in Postman Pat.

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