Monday, 1 July 2013

Chapter Seventy Five

Life is pretty good for us at the moment. If I have any fears at all it is that I may not get the job at St Mawes in the new re-sign. That takes place sometime about the end of July. Ideally I would like to have the St Mawes driving duty. It is just like my old job at Bentley. It keeps me busy...and I have some lovely customers. I love it.
If I don't get that job then I shall hold out for the relief job out there. That would give me three duties at St Mawes and two at Portscatho to do. I would enjoy that as well. It is all in the lap of the Gods at the moment. I have asked that they take my 39 years from Farnham office into account on the seniority picking but I don't know of a result to that question yet. I lost everything from Royal Mail when we moved down here. Nothing acknowledged at all. It was as if those 39 years had never existed. Hopefully they will allow me that one small thing.
Linda took some 'action' photos of me at the lookout. It was a lot of fun and I sent them off to the Courier. If I appear at all it will be in the July edition.
This is me in my 'Heroic figure at the Helm pose'.
Seriously though I enjoy it very much and can't wait to stand my own watches as a qualified Coast Watcher. I should be qualified before the end of the summer.
 Royal Mail in its collective wisdom sent me on a First Aid course for three days. It was great fun and I learnt a lot. A really good course and with a selection of people of all ranks and all functions taking part. I made some new friends and also found out that I will still have a job after the re-sign. They can't guarantee the job...but I will still have a job. The only down sides is that it might not be the job I would love...and it will probably only be thirty hours. It is a bit of security though.
Like the rest of the country Linda and I are having to be very careful in watching the pennies. I don't get my half pension for another year so things are a little tight. But as a result of these straightened times, I am now back in the swing with my writing and enjoying that once again.
I have Linda to thank for her encouragement; and also young Paula and Sarah who are the other two people in our writing group. The three of us spend two hours a week writing together. Its a real support and encourages all three of us to 'put pen to paper'.
Linda's office was involved in a bomb incident the other day and she could not get into her work. As far as we understand a domestic incident went completely out of control and ended up with a man sitting in a vehicle that he had turned into a bomb on wheels. 
Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the chap was taken into custody. Unfortunately it took the morning to make it safe and the afternoon for forensics to do their job. We live in strange times.
Linda has been collecting bits of driftwood off the beach at Carne. She seems keen to make things from the driftwood and perhaps sell some in a craft market. Perhaps she can sell some of those and I can put some of my books up for selling.
I have so many books now that I will never read again and so many books that I only hang onto for the sake of avarice. Of course there are books I would never sell, but a lot of them really have to go.
Life is good though and things are proceeding nicely. Linda is still playing in her Samba band and has appeared at several gigs already this summer. Dressed in her red and white she looks really good. I haven't been able to see her play this year yet as it is normally on a Saturday when I am at work. I shall get along in due course and will post a couple of photos of her.
I must just tell you about her allotment and the garden.
Mainly success at the allotment. One or two things have struggled a little bit with wind burn and so on, but on the whole it is going well. Lucy gave Linda some oddly coloured veg seeds for Christmas. Linda planted these and they are growing well. We shall soon be eating 'purple' carrots would you believe.
However the 'rainbow' Chard is ready for picking as are the potatos.
The other day she came back to the house with a large box of spuds...and some of the most colourful chard I have ever seen. Normally it is just green but this plant grew green, red, and yellow. Well done Lucy.
 Very tasty though and looked good on the plate. I'm not so nervous about the purple carrots now.
 Linda has also worked wonders in the garden and made a brilliant display of the borders and the tubs. When we came here the main border had barely anything in it ...yet look at it now. The same applies to the bit of lawn just outside our kitchen window. 
Linda has tubbed that and allowed the plants to grow up through the wall surrounding the lawn.

 It does look a lot more colourful than this on bright sunny days but I think you will get a good idea of it.
The next view of the garden shows two of our pheasants. There is about six of them that come into the garden...but never together. The three males are always fighting each other and trying to steal the other males mates. However they seem very tame with us and are happy to be in the garden when we are out there. They will peck grain out of your hand...but it does hurt. You only do it once.

This is the old wall and front side border of the garden. The small birch bird box in the centre of the wall provided a nest for a family of blue tits this year. They have all fledged and the lot of them have fled the nest. One of the lower boxes got its plants damaged when a badger pulled it down onto himself. Above are the hanging baskets which are now hanging up there for the second year.
Somehow, the screws I put in are still holding.

There has been good news about some of our friends from down here.
Matt and Larrissa got engaged while they were away on holiday. They are two of the crowd from the quiz nights. A really nice couple it is good to see things gouing so well for them. We all met up for a little party over at the pub and it was great fun.
At the party as well was Brian. He is a great character and one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. He recently suffered a stroke but you would barely realise it. With a constant smile and a fund of stories he is back in circulation and full of life. Good to see him.
Next door Gary and Jeanette are back from their holiday and once more back into the swing of things. We looked after their cat 'Magic' for a fortnight while they were away. Gary has been working hard on his studio and I was in there the other day. It looks fantastic. I may ask him for a quiet corner to write in.
Our other snippet of news concerned a good friend of mine called Claire. She and Neal are expecting a baby in December. This was wonderful news for all of us from the old gang at Farnham  and it was good to hear.
Thats about it at present. Looking forward to seeing Katrina, Kevin and Oscar down here in a weeks time. Then Linda's mum will be with us for a couple of days, along with Jayson and Tracy.
Hopefully at some time my mum will pop down and visit for a while nd we are also looking forward to seeing Fiona and Woody during the summer as well. That should be in August.
I have entered some work into some competitions and I will let you know how they got on. Both poetry and writing competitions this time.