Sunday, 12 May 2013

Chapter Seventy Two

Hi there one and all. This will just be a very brief post as I am about to head off to the allotment with Linda. We have had some major issues with the computer and it ha taken several weeks to resolve things. Finally we are back up to speed and all seems to be working perfectly once again.
I now have the problem of whether I write my blog or get another couple of pieces ready for the newspaper before we go digging. I shall come down on the side of the newspaper and will write something on the blog this evening.
I have been writing two short pieces a week for the Western Morning News. I send them in to their 'Country Notebook' section. They have been printing both pieces each week and I am delighted. I write and send them in on a Sunday morning and they normally are published on the Thursday and Friday. They have a website now so you may be able to see the pieces on 
Big attempt now on showing you my computer knowledge. I have just successfully managed to edit post seventy one after the computer went berserk. I shall publish this one now and attempt to edit this and add more later.
If you are reading this and it ends in the next two lines...then come back to this post later and hopefully I will have added more.Fingers crossed.
Well thats sorted that out...I'm back. Still having problems with the computer but I am slowly getting there. Very mad about youtube though. I found a brilliant colour version of  'Have I the Right' by the Honeycombs. It was brilliant. Then some idiot discovered that the opening introduction was done by Jimmy they have pulled the entire recording. I know the man was the worst type of individual imaginable...but you can't destroy every bit of the past he touched upon.
At the very least, could you not have airbrushed his ten second intro out, instead of the entire recording. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, even Satan himself, are all still mentioned in history and it could be argued that they were just as wicked people. Its a funny world in the oddest sense.
Anyway...enough of all that. We have had a busy few weeks in the last little while. Our trip up country was a great success and we enjoyed ourselves hugely.
Dinner with Fiona and Lucy was a blast and we had fun catching up. On arrival Linda and I popped in to see Gerry and Tess. We had a birthday present for Gerry as the old chap was sixty the other month. It comes as a shock to think that'll be me in another fifteen months. Where did those days that stretched out before us, go to?
Anyway, we had a lovely couple of hours with them and then got to mums. We were staying for the rest of the week in a room at the place that mum lives in. Really nice room and we were central to everyone. Lucy and Fiona met up with us there before we went off to dinner. Woody joined us and we ate at the mexican place in Castle Street. Never eaten Mexican before but found it better than I thought. All too soon the evening flew by and we had to say our farewells. The only trouble with going back to Farnham...seeing everyone means you can only allocate a certain amount of time to them all.
Its never enough.
The following day we went across to see Katrina and Kevins new place in Fleet. They have a lovely home and all seems lovely for them. Both Linda and I were delighted that Oscar recognised us straight away and carried on calling us Grandpa and Grandma as though we had only seen him moments before. He and I had a fine game in the garden with the ball pond and a football. I don't know what the game was called but it wore me out.
We then spent the late afternoon and evening with Brenda and Chris. Lots of catching up again plus a chinese meal as well, very nice.
The following day was a busy day first thing with all sorts to catch up with. We pottered about at the shops and went hither and yon before going to visit Grahame and Julie. It was nice to relax with them both and settle in for the evening. Grahame has set up camera's in his bird boxes and we were able to watch the antics and going-ons in the nests.
Very interesting and a huge 'timewaster'. Great fun.
Saturday so us visiting Roxannes new place over at Liss. It is the first time her and Stephen have had a proper roof over their heads since they got together. It is a lovely place, right in the middle of the golf course, and I am sure they will be very happy there.
We then rushed back to mums to see Therese and Becky. It was good to see them and have a catch up. They will be down with us in a weeks time so that will be good.
Before we knew it, the final day had arrived and we had to pack up and leave. We spent a couple of hours with mum before heading off to dinner with Kevin, Katrina, Oscar, and Becky. We all met up in the carvery at Frimley. Very reasonable and good fun. Oscar sat on my chair with me for a large part of the time and we chatted away quite happily. It made my day.
Sadly once dinner was eaten we had to fly. The journey home took us just under five hours as we stopped for a while at the Exeter Services.
That was it...a brilliant catch up even though I missed so many of my friends. Even seeing the kids was only fleeting but I hope to see them during the next few months or so. Lucy is down with Jon in a couple of weeks and then Roxanne and Stephen a few weeks after that. We then hope to get a visit from Katrina and her gang a month or so after that and then a visit from Fiona and Woody before summer is over. We're both looking forward to that.
A busy old week followed for us both, with Linda travelling the length and breadth of the county and me doing a mixed bag of duties for the week. I was on Lemon Street, Monday, Friday, and Saturday, and on St Mawes for only the Tuesday and the Wednesday.
I have to confess that I enjoy Lemon Street very much and it was good to catch up with some of my old friends on the duty. Nice people and a nice duty as well. The only thing wrong with it is simple...its not St Mawes or Portscatho.
 This lovely old lady sailed into St Mawes the other day. I would have loved a ride on her if given the chance. It must be a great life travelling like that; she was gone a day later.
We had the election day on Thursday the 2cnd. Linda and I were the first two in to vote that morning. We both voted for the Independent chap and were pleased when he got in. However; my name was up on the board for all to see as a sponsor for the UKIP lady. She is my good friend, Anne and she asked me if I could sponsor her. In the interest of fairplay and choice it seemed only fair to do so. She did well.
The following day Therese and Becky arrived with Eliza in tow. So good to have them all down again and we were very glad to see them. For some reason I did not feel 100% and I don't know why. Just felt a little tired and rundown for some reason.
This made for a pretty quiet and sleepy weekend with all of us re-charging our batteries in our own way. We spent most of the weekend out in the garden and that was very pleasant. Therese and Becky managed to visit some of the markets they wanted to get to so that was good.
The bank holiday Monday dawned bright and clear and we had a pleasant morning together before they had to head off home. The garden now looks a picture and all is right with the place. The lawns are cut and the paths weeded. A very successful bank holiday for us all.
On the Tuesday back at work the weather was still really good and I found this 'block of flats' sitting across from my delivery. She to was gone the following morning ...but she did look magnificent. I know I shall never have a cruise anywhere; except perhaps a river cruise; but I did wish I was sailing away on her to other places.
She dwarfed everything else in the place.
Back to work and now a complete change in the weather. What was all sunshine and blue skies has turned into grey clouds and a wind that would cut you in two. I had to help one of my customers back to her house the other day. Seriously, on top of an outside staircase at a block of flats I had to cling on to the bannister rail because I couldn't stay upright.
I was very pleased on Friday because I passed my NCI VHF Radio Test. It means I can now speak to other marine radio users without sounding like a complete idiot. I am still deeply involved in the training at the moment for coastwatch and I am learning a lot. This bit however, was one of the few bits were you have to take a written and practical test.
Here we are now on Sunday. Linda has just got the bedroom ready for Lucy and Jon when they come down at the end of the week. All looks comfy and cosy up there now. Linda has also been busy dashing around the house and garden finding things to do. As you all know...Linda's idea of a rest is to be very busy doing something. Me; I'm practically comatose in a chair with Clive Cussler.

We did however both go up to the allotment this afternoon. Linda dug over another great chunk of soil...and I put up the bean poles...for the beans.
 He also serves who only does as he's told.
Those big poles are not the bean poles that I put up today. This is just to let you see what the allotment looks like. Today was to wet and windy to even bother taking a camera up. The bean poles that I put in today are positioned just to the right and below the hooped netting.
I'm in trouble at home now for upsetting the pheasants out in the garden. Linda caught me holding the roast chicken up in the air and showing it to the birds outside.
She thinks I'll give them 'mental issues'. Tee Hee.