Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chapter Sixty Seven

Its been a couple of 'topsy-turvy' weeks down here. The biggest surprise has been the almost total lack of rain for half the month. The ground has dried out surprisingly quickly. We were talking about it last night and Brian said it was due to the east wind that has blown across us for the last couple of weeks. He said its a cold wind and also a drying wind.
A lovely man Brian; one of the nicest people we have made friends with down here.
Jeanette and Gary had a group of us around for a meal last night. They only live next door so it wasn't far to travel. Brian was there as well and also another lovely couple called Jane and Tim. It was a lovely evening and we were spoiled rotten. Plenty of food and drink and lots of conversation. Really had a good time and didn't get home until after midnight. For Linda and me...that was very late. Great fun.
Royal Mail has been behaving in its own odd way as well over the last fortnight. I was totally euphoric two weeks ago when I got a temporary change of hours and position. I could not have been happier when they made me the new St Mawes postman and told me I would be working out there for the foreseeable future.
I was absolutely delighted for the whole week...and then on Friday 22cnd... they told me that I would be on Grampound for the next week. It all felt very shortlived and certainly upset a few people at St Mawes; including me.
Don't get me wrong though. I really love the Grampound duty. It is a large rural van duty and the whole village and its surrounding area is done by this one job. It is the closest duty I have had to Bentley since moving down here. Its just a shame they got me to do it so quickly after telling me about St Mawes. Anyway; I have had a great week on the Grampound job and enjoyed every minute of it, but I am even more delighted to say that I am back on St Mawes duty tomorrow. Its a real feeling of going home.
Also out of the blue this week I got a facebook enquiry from my old friend Pete Towns who used to work at Farnham Royal Mail with me years ago. It was good to get back in touch with him and hopefully we will continue to do so. Pete and I did the London to Brighton Cycle Ride a couple of times back... *%&£"@+!...good grief...almost thirty years ago.
Where did those years go???
We had a day of panic as well in the last week when Linda had a breast cancer check. A large lump was found which caused a fair degree of anxiety. To our huge relief it was discovered to be a benign cyst and was removed straight away. Everything now all clear so thats positive news all around.
Jay and Natasha came down for a couple of days and that was really good. We had an evening at the pub for dinner. A choir were also present called 'The Philleigh Shout'. They were really very good and Linda and I enjoyed ourselves very much. Jay and Natasha went back to our place as it wasn't really their thing.
Not sure what hjappened to the weather last Sunday morning, but it got so hot that we ate a 'full English'...or should that be a 'full Cornish' out in the garden. Breakfast 'al fresco' in Cornwall in February. Not a usual thing at all.
Linda took full advantage of the weather and put in some quality time up at her allotment. I headed for the dump and got rid of loads of waste and stuff so it was a profitable day. Linda was pottering in the green house later and got the Guinea's back out living in the garden again. She told me she was going to come in for a bath and could I run it for her.
By the time she got in the bathroom I had it all decked out with tealights and candles. It looked fantastic and she loved it. Us Mulvin men know how to spoil people.
I have taken a few pictures of my duty in St Mawes and have posted them on the blog.

  This is where I start my delivery at St Mawes. That is the harbour which Gary is in charge of. This was just before the ferry came in.
This is almost at the top of Lower Castle Road and shows the ferry coming in from Falmouth. The land behind it is St Anthony's Head which I deliver too when I am on the Portscatho duty.
This is the castle I deliver too. It sits on this side of Carrick Roads and its sister castle is on the far shore. These were the main protection for Falmouth and its harbour for many years. Nice place's to visit
That is Falmouth with its harbour and industry. There are quite often some large ships moored up here. The other week an oil platform was towed in and had some work done on it. I love it.
 Its not all sea views on this duty though and a fair bit of it is quite rural. Some lovely farms and places hidden in the folds of the ground. One of my farms looks a little old and almost looks unused. Like time has stood still. Then you walk past the kitchen window and see a bottle of washing up liquid or see ketchup and a sauce bottle on the table and you realise these are proper working little farms. This is a ruined buiding on one of them that I really think looks lovely.
 This is one of the loveliest places on the Roseland. It is the village of St Just-in-Roseland and I deliver to all of it. This little church is so nice with its bells and view of the estuary. I could sit and look for hours. Just below it is a boat yard I deliver too and the road goes right down into the sea.
I deliver to the house opposite about two hours later.
This is the main part of the village and it is just out of sight of the sea. The main road that winds through is both narrow and unsighted. It is the main road to St Mawes and is full of twists and turns, plus hidden turnings leading off. I remember one of the old posties in Farnham referring to a road like this as 'screamer alley'.
Thats because you have to inch blindly out into the road; you can only see a handful of yards in each direction; and as soon as you commit yourself to going, you pull away just as some idiot, belts around the corner.
Your foot floors the pedal as you try to get the van to an instant speed of sixty miles per hour to keep you in front of whats galloping up behind you. The 'screamer'bit is you... as your mouth drops open and a weird high pitched noise keens from the bottom of your lungs. Believe me when I say its exhilerating.

This is my poor battered old van. A real old work horse with a collapsed drivers seat and dirt all over it. Half the trim is missing, and she is dented front and back. No... they aren't all mine either; only one of them. That's my flask on the bonnet as I had just stopped for a mouthful of coffee.
Anyway...that is a brief look at my duty. I am a very lucky man

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