Sunday, 10 March 2013

Chapter Sixty Eight

It is Mother's Day today and our thoughts are with our mum's far away. Linda has had a couple of nice cards from Katrina and presents. She is really delighted.
Its been a busy old week but has gone by very quickly. We both had Tuesday off but poor old Linda had to go and visit the dentist for a last major working with her teeth. As that took care of the morning I didn't mind volunteering to do the walking job at Portscatho. Nice to get back there for the day.
My own round at St Mawes is really taking a hold on me and I'm enjoying it very much. On the whole this week the weather has been lovely and it has been a pleasure to be out on duty. It got so lovely and hot on Friday and Saturday that we actually had people out sunbathing in the sunshine. I grant you the people I found were in very sheltered spots and out of the wind, but even so.
Linda has been very busy in both the garden and on her allotment. The green house is now up and running as it should be with the guinea pigs living back out side in the garden again. They both seem quite happy to be back outside again and are making great inroads into the grass.

I know you can't see them at the moment because the little perishers have decided to stay in the little house. It was raining at the time though.
I hope they can't see into the greenhouse because we have a small heater in there at the moment to take the chill off the cold nights. Although we have had two or three lovely warm sunny days this week the next few weeks are supposed to be very cold and bitter.
Linda has stocked up all sorts of plants and is bringing them on in the warmth at the moment. Katrina sent a bunch of flowers to Linda this week and they were left in the greenhouse. The florist described it as 'your lovely greenhouse', so she was impressed with it.

I know it doesn't look like a lot is going on in there but it is really.
After the occasional high winds of this winter we now have our pear tree containing all the bird feeders. The feeder poles we were using both fell down this winter and we felt the tree is a little more stable.
Linda did give it a very hard pruning this year which it desperately needed. I am looking forward to seeing it in full leaf this year. Its a nice tree and very old. I don't know how it survives there considering the depth of soil under it. It can't be very deep at all.
It has become a great place for all the birds to congregate and feed from though. Sometimes the whole tree can be covered in all sorts of different varieties of birds. They are permanently hungry although we have seen them eating loads of wild stuff as well. I'm hoping that when the tree gets its leaves on it the birds will still be able to get in there and eat.
At the moment we have a couple of hawks who are using our garden as a 'fly through fast food outlet'. I'm hoping the birds will have a bit better chance of survival in the summer because of the leaves.  Behind the pear tree is Linda's spring border.

This border is what brought out her famous phrase last week. And to think it is me that worries about wether I'm losing my mind or not. When I got home it was obvious that Linda had been hard at work in the garden. She had rung me about an hour before to see what time I was getting back and also mentioned her work in the garden.
What she told me was..."Hiya Mully, I've dug over the lawn and mowed the border." It did confuse me for a moment but when I got home I was able to confirm she had done it the other way around. The lawn was neatly mowed and the border looking neat and tidy.
 The two garden gnomes; Bayleaf and Digweed; were supposed to be out there beside the bird bath but they are in the house at the moment. With Linda wielding her spade and fork like a person possessed over there I feared for them. I had visions of finding them in pieces. She had already made them filthy by keep moving them while she was wearing her muddy gloves.
I rushed out and brought them into the house; cleaned them both up; and put them upstairs in my study room/ library. I think they are reading some of my books but I wont tell Linda. She already thinks I'm daft enough as it is.
I had some paperwork to do yesterday though and I did go out and sit in the sunshine to do it. Linda was once again hard at it in the green house. Seemingly, 'pricking out' was the name of the game yesterday. As for me...I needed to count up every address on my delivery and sort out my calls for our 'door to door' service.
Suffice to say it kept me busy for an hour or so before I settled down with my newspaper. Here is a picture of our little suntrap in the back garden.
I know its not sunny at the moment, but it was yesterday. Its a nice little spot there and we use it when we can. Last Sunday was so hot and sunny that we ate our breakfast out there.
Well, thats about it for this week. I have written a couple of poems for 'Poetree' tomorrow and I have also sent a piece off to the local newspaper. I hope they print it.

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