Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chapter Seventy

Well here we are once more. Happy Easter to everyone out there. Its a cold and grey day today; totally unlike the gorgeous sunny and warm day yesterday. More on the last few days in a moment.
We have been very lucky down here over the last fortnight with only one tiny snow shower which came to nothing. We have watched with astonishment the level of bad weather and snow storms which have affected the rest of the country.
The last time I saw scenes like those was in the winter of 1962/1963 when I was a boy. It all looked incredibly beautiful until you realise that some of the lumps in the snow were peoples houses. One chap actually was pictured standing in six inches of snow... but under those six inches of snow...was his single decker bus. It looked like a flat field that he was standing in.
As I say, we have been incredibly lucky; little rain; no snow; just a biting wind and bitter cold in exposed areas. My car has had the luxury of being hidden safely away in a garage while I am using my mail van. Very handy.
Sadly there has been some trouble down here though. Some parts of the west country have suffered from heavy rains and a lady was killed in Looe when a landslide swept her house away. Another lady was tragically killed when her husband got out of the car to take pictures at the King Harry Ferry. He forgot to apply the hand brake and the car rolled down into the estuary. It is over thirty foot deep there and the car, with the old lady in it sank quickly. Poor soul. A sad old week down here.
On a brighter note, our 'Poetree' group took part in the 'World Poetry Day' and we read out some of our work to a lovely audience at Roseland Parc. Great fun.
After several very easy days at work because of the problem of getting mail down here through the snow, the last few days have been quite busy on a 'catch up' basis. I have enjoyed myself immensely at work and really don't care how much mail I have to deliver or how long I am out for. Its been brilliant.
Good Friday offered something of a respite from work however and Linda and I set off in the morning to see and photograph some of the daffodil fields down on the Lizard. Sadly the weather was a little miserable, and what fields had anything left in them were barely worth stopping at for a picture.
Nothing daunted I saw a roadsign saying we were only five miles from we went off to St Ives. It was good to get back and see the place. The conditions were quite bleak by this time but we enjoyed our walk around the place. The town was full of holiday makers but very few on the beach. 
 As you can see from this photograph...the sand has filled up the beach area quite a lot. The wall to the right of the photo normally has sand about six feet lower than that...and I have never seen the sand that high behind the little chapel in the centre of the picture. The house on the left is normally ten foot higher than the beach. You could almost see through his window.
 As you can see from the clothes that 'Eskimo Nell' mistake...Linda is wearing, it really was bitterly cold. Even I was in long trousers. The steps that Linda is standing on; and she is on the fourth step; are normally a flight of about ten steps. Further to the left the sand has actually drawn almost level with the quayside. It was a very impressive thing to see and I wish Fiona and Lucy could have been there. It would have surprised them as well.
Yesterday though, Easter Saturday, was a most amazing day. The amount of mail to deliver bordered on the insane. At St Mawes we are used to an average twelve trays of mail and four bags of packets between us. Heavy days can be as much as sixteen trays and six bags of packets. Today...we had twenty eight trays of mail, and so many packets and parcels that the bulk of our mail was brought out in a sherpa van on a special trip.
We got out on delivery two hours later than normal...and I didn't finish until 1700 that evening. Thankfully, the day was warm and sunny and I enjoyed myself very much.
There are two square rigged ships anchored off Falmouth at the moment; I saw 'Mercedes' come in the other day; and she is a beauty.
I got around to the castle on delivery and she was sailing back out for a day trip.

 This is her sailing out. By chance the smaller sailing vessel was coming towards her and it made for a good picture. The one with the red sails always reminds me of a thames barge but I don't know if she is or not.
 I was able to take these picture from the road as I was delivering the post. I have said it before and I will say it again...I am incredibly lucky to have the chance to do a duty at the seaside. I wanted this all my life.
She is a beautiful ship.
A little later I was down in the square delivering a couple of very large parcels to somebody. I stopped for a quick mouthful of coffee out of my flask and a sort out of the van. My delivery normally consists of two four foot long containers and one two foot container full of bundles of mail and packets. Today the trays were just full of bundles of letters. The packets were set in all around them on the floor of the van. It was so full and constantly needed sorting out as stuff shifted.
It was while I was setting in the next section that I looked down the square and saw the little boat sail into view. It hasn't come out that well and I can't seem to make it any bigger, but here she is. 
The down side to my day has been my back. The volume of mail was terrific, especially as it was full of very heavy catalogues. The seat has collapsed in the van and so I have bought myself a riser seat from an orthopeadic company to put in the van to raise me up. You will remember that I had an accident last year because I was unable to see out of the van properly.
Anyway; I only ordered the seat a day ago and it has not arrived yet. As it is I have used the collapsed seat for the last few months and it has been making my back sore.
I fear I ordered the seat a little later than I should have yesterday the combination of excess mail, excess lifting, and bad sitting tipped my back over the edge.
It appears I have now aged enough to have a bad back...I've never had one before...and it hurts like hell!!!

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