Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chapter Sixty Five

We are beginning to settle down into something of a routine on Sunday mornings at the happy home. Linda has fed our guinea pigs and has now headed off to 'Marias animal sanctuary' to feed all those animals. Sooner her than me I must say. She say's, feeding the pigs and goats up there is nicer than feeding me. Something to do with them having better manners and eating quieter.
How the hours rush by when the old humour starts. And all this barbed humour since I told her I'd found something her bum didn't look big in...'the distance'.
I know its not hysterically funny but we have to make our own entertainment down here.
Thankfully life is going very well for Linda at the moment. She is enjoying her work a lot more now and enjoys going in each day. Now she's doing the job she was employed for she is beginning to settle down and shine.
She also had a two hour appointment with the dentist during the week. Although expensive I have managed to get the money together to help her fund the treatment. And now at last...the end is in sight. A few more weeks and the final treatment should take place and the brace can be thrown away.Its been a lon five year job but is now almost over.
Linda looked on the website of her orthodontist up in Petersfield. The one who did 90% of the work. The lady has a web site depicting some of the worst mouths she has fixed. You know the sort of pictures...before and after ones.
The pictures show nine of the worst shaped teeth I have ever seen in a mouth and nine pictures of some of the most nicest smiling mouths I have ever seen. Each tooth straightened; in place; and complimenting the other teeth. These are the worst cases this dentist has ever seen and are there to illustrate her skills at fixing things.
One of those pair of pictures is a before and after of Linda.
The difference is astounding. Its no wonder she wanted them fixed. I once described her mouth as looking like a long abandoned cemetary after an explosion. It was an accurate description although said with humour.
If you kept the graveyard analogy going...then today her mouth looks like a much cherished  military graveyard.
I'm sure you can picture the two places in your mind.
But when I think of the pain and the upset she has had to go through to get to this heart goes out to her. No woman in her forties really wants to be wearing a brace; nobody wants to go through the inevitable agonising soreness and attendant indignity which has taken place in the dentists; and nobody wants to go through the inevitable, industrial and necessary cleaning that has to go on twice a day.
I admire her so much for that.
As you can see...she is definitely getting there.
Wednesday was a busy day for me this week as it was my day off. I had a few jobs that needed doing in Truro so I went there after the surgery visit. I have to have my blood pressure taken once a year. Thank God for the medication...all was perfectly normal.
My visit to Truro was productive. First off was a haircut. Without Tess to cut and style my hair it has been a trial and error business since moving down here. I finally found a really good barbers in a side street and get it cut there. I was told to try a grade four with a scissor cut for whats left on the top. I don't know how they knew, and I still don't know what it all means, but I am always pleased with the result.
After getting a little bit of shopping I then trawled through the charity shops looking for some Clive Cussler books to buy. I've read most of his work but never his newer 'Isaac Bell' or 'Fargo' books. Several charity shops later the will to live deserted me and I decided to give up on the fruitless shopping and go home.
Before I went however I just popped into the library to see what might be around. I should have gone there first. Under section C, right on the end of the row, the first four volumes of the 'ISAAC BELL' series. I should have gone there first. All four books are now at home and the first one is half read.
'Note to self' :---
                           I have haunted the library system of this world since I was seven years old. Remember to ask at the pearly gates if I can come back to earth for a couple of hundred years and haunt the libraries as a ghost. Not to scare anyone you understand...its because then I shall have loads of time to read loads of books. Worth a thought anyway.
That evening Linda and I had our weekly evening out at the quiz night at the pub. Linda bleats on about how thick she is and can't contribute to anything...yet she got four questions right that none of us had a clue about. It was a good evening and we finished second.
Thursday was a great day for me because I made Chris Evans laugh on the radio. They were looking for answers to questions about "How would you know if a friend of yours was a spy?"
All sorts of things had been asked and said and it was very funny in places. I decided to join in later as I drovw down into St Mawes with the mail. I can use my PDA sitting in the front of the van to tell me when I am in a phone signal area. It was reading 'OK', so I pulled up and sent this text. It read :-- I have a friend who is a shepherd. Could he be a shepherd spy?" Not hysterical but I heard it once many years ago on the Goon Show and nearly died laughing.
Within a few moments Chris Evans spoke on the radio and said Ive just been handed this text from postman Liam. He then read it out and burst out laughing along with the rest of his team. I was that chuffed. The best thing to happen to me for a long time. I even managed to save the details and put it on facebook.
Friday to was a very good day as well, especially in the afternoon. I once more headed for the King Harry Ferry and arrived at the Punchbowl and Ladle for a heavy writing session. Both Paula and Sarah were there and we put in two very constructive hours writing. This is becoming a very important time for me as regards writing as I need the motivation. I used to get that from my writing classes back in Farnham but no longer get it down here. There is inspiration by the bucket load down here but it is the motivation I lack. I was the same at school unless I had the right teacher. Anyway the motivation is now there and the writing is starting to come.
That was this week pretty much done and dusted. Sadly I had to help out at work and so did a delivery in the city centre instead of at St Mawes on Saturday. It is called Lemon Street and it's actually a really decent round and I like it very much. I can certainly finish it quicker than I can, the one at St Mawes.
Its just that I was made for that St Mawes duty. If anyone is reading this from the highest echelons of Royal Mail then please take note. I want 91 duty at St Mawes until I retire. It has my name stamped all over it. 

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