Monday, 14 January 2013

Chapter Sixty

The day has now dawned for the end of the world. The 21st of December. We seem to live in a world were people are determined that we shall see its end in our lifetime. This time they blamed the Mayans. I think I've lived through, probably ten 'end of the worlds' since I was born. It came as no surprise that we would all survive another one. 

This seemingly could be the reason, but I don't know. It made me chuckle though. I like to think the Almighty has a sense of humour.
Anyway; we are still here and heading for Christmas.
I'm glad things didn't end today because we had more family down with us for a few days. Mum came down to stay in our spare room and Therese, Brendan, and Becky came down with Eliza to stay in their usual holiday cottage just up the road.
Work is still quite busy for me at the moment and the Christmas Santa hat is firmly on the head as Im delivering. That is always a sure sign that it is the last week before Christmas.
Linda and I took everyone up to the pub at Tregony for a meal and it was really good. We have now had six Christmas Dinners and more are planned.
We had decided that we would go to Mousehole to see the lights on Saturday evening but the rain was pouring down again. In the end we decided to give it a miss but got in fish and chips from the van in Veryan. Really good fish and chips they are too.
We decided to have Christmas Day on the 23rd with them all and it went very well. Santa had obviously agreed to come out a day or two earlier because everyone was greeted with this fine row of stockings when they got into the main room.
There was even a stocking for Eliza.
What with presents under the tree and one thing and another we didn't sit down to our seventh Christmas dinner 'til late in the afternoon. Not that it mattered as the day was our own. It was funny though. As soon as Linda and Becky started bringing in the dinner and calling out that it was ready, everyone started picking up camera's.
At least Therese sat down. The rest of us just took photos. I guess thats just another odd Christmas ritual that grew up over the's of your dinner. Either that or nobody thought Linda could prepare one. Don't tell her I said that though...its our secret.

On a more serious note...there is no way out of Cornwall by rail at the moment because of the weather. Mum and Becky managed to get through on a train on doomsday, but since then the weather in Devon has got worse. Television pictures showed water pouring across the railway tracks just past Exeter. In fact; both lines are now under water since the Exe burst its banks.
Today is Christmas Eve and is the day they all return home. Brendan was prepared to attempt the trains and use busses were he had to, but even that was being frowned upon by the authorities. In the end they all piled into Therese's car and set off. They had a nightmare journey and did not get home until much later than hoped. At least they got home. Some train passengers never made it at all.
I had a bit of fun at work as well this morning. Amongst my mail was a mis-sorted item for Portloe. In the spirit of goodwill that is Christmas...I drove over to Portloe to deliver to them. I figured they would want it for tomorrow so didn't mind.
I got lost; not a great start. Then I couldn't find the address when I got there. Thankfully, a really nice lady took one look at me and could see the vacant confusion in my eyes. She pointed me in the right direction; and yes, I had driven right past it; and I was able to deliver the thing.
That was it. My last call of the day and my Christmas duties over for another year. Believe it or not... this was my 42cnd Christmas as a postman. I did my first one as a temporary student postie in 1971. I did my first official one in 1972...and I've enjoyed them all.

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