Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chapter Sixty Two

Boxing day continued in a blur of little done except a bit of shopping. We drove into Truro to pick up fresh supplies because we have Katrina, Kevin, and Oscar coming down. on the 27th. We had another lovely day just chilling out and doing just what we wanted to do. Once again, that strange truth about Christmas came into effect by late evening.
That's the strange truth that tells me I am delivering the first Christmas catalogues in May; the shops start putting Christmas stuff out in August; that by the middle of October the whole Christmas commercial thing is in full swing; by mid December we are on a Christmas roller coaster thundering towards the big day; and after almost seven months of anticipation...its Christmas Day, and Boxing Day...and then its over and we both go back to work.
The build up is exciting and full of expectation, the two days are full of laughter and happiness, then life intrudes and work beckons.
We both dithered our way back to our respective offices on the 27th. Neither wanted to be there...but you have to go. I should have been on a day off but I broke the Golden Rule. You know the rule. Its the one handed down from one person to another, throughout the ages, since the boss cave man asked who would be the one to fetch water from the river. Old Ugg said he would...and five minutes later when the crocodile ate him...his last words to the tribe was a screamed... 'NEVER VOLUNTEER'.
 I said yes and ended up on a delivery in Truro when I could have been tucked up in bed with a good book. Linda also said yes and ended up in a lonely office when, she too, could have been tucked up in bed; with a postman and his good book. Such is life.
We both got home by three pm and found the three of them already in the house.
It was good to see them all. Oscar quickly made himself at home and discovered a talent for drumming with some old pots. Linda also brought in the guinea pigs and Oscar was surprisingly gentle and good with them. He seemed fascinated by them and was not shy in coming forward and stroking them.
Both Whiskey and Widget were quite happy with him as well. Widget likes to be stroked and cuddled a lot and she can be quite vocal which Oscar liked. She was happy to let herself be held by him. Whiskey however is a lot more shy of people and endured a stroke or two but didn't hang around for a cuddle. He's not a lover of to much contact with anyone except Linda...and even then he's not brilliant about it.

Needless to say we had our trillionth Christmas dinner with the three of them followed by a lovely evening and an early night. Oscar was very tired and that made him a little miserable. He finally went off to sleep and that was his last upset of the week. Its great having him in the house. No trouble at all and happy to do as he's told. We had lit candles in the room; Christmas stuff still out; my books at Oscar height; plus the Christmas tree...and he touched nothing. He was told not to and so he didn't. Considering he had harvested every chocolate hanging on his family Christmas tree and scoffed the lot...he never touched ours at all.
I did tell him I'd shove him head first in the cess pit if he touched anything, but Linda doesn't think that had anything to do with it. She thinks its just because he's a good boy. Typical Grandma thoughts as far as I'm concerned. I don't think you can beat the threatening Grandpa words myself although I didn't understand why he just grinned at me and hugged my leg when I threatened him.
Lovely boy.
He did make me chuckle when he did this. I remember Fiona and Lucy both doing the same when they were very little... I believe they're still doing it even today.

You should have seen the look on his face when he caught a tiny drop of wine from the bottle. I doubt he'll do that again until he's a lot older.
We had a wet and miserable start to the following day and things got no better through the day. Kevin and Katrina did go out but it was a wet old day. Linda and I worked and all of us were glad to get back home. It teemed down all night and Saturday morning was damp and miserable again, Funnily enough though things had cleared up by the afternoon so we took them all down to see the Mousehole lights.
It got nicer as the afternoon progressed and much drier. Parking at Mousehole can be very difficult at this time of year and the main car park only had one space left in it. We were stopped at the gate and the bloke told us, "There's nowhere left to park unless you can somehow get into that space. Many have tried and none made it."
Kevin likes a challenge when it comes to driving. Two minutes later he had us sitting snugly in the space and was helping Katrina get the buggy out of the boot. Linda and I were impressed enough...and so were the car park attendants. Mind you, they weren't that impressed as they made him pay the two quid for the privilege of parking there. They did congratulate him though and that pleased Kevin a lot.
The village was just approaching light up time and the lights were as impressive as always. Last year the tide was out when we went so we could walk on the beach a good bit. This time the tide was in but it was just as spectacular. There is something very magical about lights reflecting off the water. We enjoyed it very much and had a great walk around the place.

Every turn and little lane has lights in it. I have never seen such beautiful lights anywhere. The other highlight of the visit here is the fish and chip supper on offer at the local chippy. The queue can stretch some distance and an army of staff effortlessly supply all the visitors. I have eaten wonderful fish and chips all over the place and the ones supplied here rank in my personal top three.
It was a magical evening.
Oscar even learnt how to be a puppet master while we were down there. That'll teach Linda to lean over him while wearing that hat. He thought it was a great game.

By pulling on one rope and then the other he made her head turn fromside to side. You could hear him laughing all over the village.
The following day was Sunday and we had a nice family breakfast together before they all had to head back home. We've had a great time with them all and enjoyed having Oscar around the place. I swear this morning he awoke us all up doing the tune for 'Twinkle twinkle little star.' Just the tune, I don't think I dreamt it. Later on he surprised me by picking up his mums camera and operating it. I know they say the new generation of children seem capable of using anything electrical but it surprised me.

He switched it on and followed all the movements with the thing. I don't know if he's taken my picture so I took one of him instead.
Sad to see them go although we shall see them and all the others in a weeks time. I am so looking forward to seeing my two girls and I know Linda can't wait to see Roxanne.
We finished the day with a walk on Carne beach before settling in for the evening.
The following day was the last day of the year. The weather was apalling with strong wind and blustery rain everywhere. I brought my mail out to the van at St Mawes in a basket and the mail bag I placed on top to keep it dry simply blew away. It didn't get far; it just landed out of reach in the harbour.
I had to report it to the Harbour Master in case people thought there was mail in it. Thankfully that is Gary from next door. At least he laughed about it.
I then set off on my delivery, and fought and hacked my way around it, through some awful weather. As is typical for most posties...the minute I finished the sun came out. Charming.
The evening was spent in our local in Ruan Lanihorne. The Kings Head does a fantastic New Years Eve dinner and we enjoyed ourselves. Many of our friends and neighbours were in the place and it was a good evening. Sadly, just before midnight, Linda caught that bug that has been circulating and was sick in the toilets. So many people have had it and it creeps up without warning.
She was sick again a few minutes later and went home just a minute or two before midnight. I stopped for five minutes and then followed her home. She looked very pale but confirmed there was nothing else to come up.
We went to bed almost straight away and greeted the new year's dawn a few hours later. Apart from a  headache that lasted all week, she was fine. I got the headache and the stomach ache...but wasn't sick.
An odd end to the old year and an odd beginning to the new one.
Roll on the weekend when we get to see the kids.
Happy New Year to one and all.


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