Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chapter Sixty One

As usual I spent some time on Christmas Eve looking out of the window. I've never missed a year yet. People may scoff; people may think I'm daft; people may think I'm child like; but we all need a little magic in our lives. And if a sleigh being pulled across the sky by eight reindeer and driven by an old man, dressed in red and white, with a white beard (the new one); or a white goat, being led by an old man dressed in green and white, with a grey beard (the old one); well if either of them turns up then I want to see them.
There is magic all around just have to look for it. And one day...
Christmas morning dawned after a comfortable time for us both; certainly nearer 08-00 than the usual 05-00 we were used to when there were children about. We even had a small filled stocking...I lie...a large filled sack of presents each at the foot of the bed. Proof, if proof were needed, that there really is some magic in the world.
The laziest day of the year then slowly drifted into life for us both. Ringing family and friends took up most of the morning, with both of us picking at bits of food and drink in the fridge when not on the phone ourselves.
More drifting continued with a vague watching of Chritmas telly, and old Christmas DVD's.
Then came real life action as we both saw the time(midday), and hurtled off to get showered and dressed. By one o'clock we were over the road in the pub with our friends. Going to the pub on Christmas Day is not something we have done before, but it was great fun and we enjoyed it.
The sun was out and the estuary and creek were shining so when we both left we decided on a walk to Sett Bridge. It was beautiful as you can imagine and quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Lovely.

Finally hunger drove us home and we had our umpteenth Christmas dinner.
This dinner was the left overs from Sunday...and made a perfect meal. Cold turkey and  cold ham; all the left over veg and potato's, (that we had left 'nuking' (is that a word) in the oven); and a pot of rich wine flavoured gravy that we quickly 'nuked' in the microwave. Delicious.
All washed down with some small libation from the wine cellar...'rack'.
A meal fit for a King and Queen.
We then collapsed on the sofa; watched the Queens Speech; and dozed through the rest of the day while still trying to watch the telly. It was perfect.
This was later in the evening on Christmas Day. Telly off, and Linda checking out the Christmas photo's on her camera. The prezzies under the tree are for the family when we get up country.
Merry Christmas one and all and God bless us, every one.

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