Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chapter Sixty Four

Another bright and sunny day down here although it teemed down with rain last night and the wind blew a gale. As Linda pointed out; "The rain in Cornwall comes down horizontally and not vertical. In fairness though the rain died off fairly quickly but the wind blew all night. We awoke to the bird feeders lying down in the garden; a box of bits blown across the lawn; and the half a 'fat filled coconut' that was up the tree cannot be found. Is it still in the parish I wonder or has it landed in Devon? We shall never know.
The kitchen smells wonderful at the moment with the sharp tang of Seville oranges being turned into marmalade. Doris Archer a.k.a. Linda, is making things again. Yesterday it was stilton and cauliflower soup; which is now secure in the upstairs freezer; today is the return of the infamous 'rolling boil'.
Linda put in an hour or so at the farm this morning feeding various starving lifestock while I was up at the allotment unloading more compost. Nothing is wasted in this house. If it can't be turned into leftovers; converted into a new meal; or eaten in some other form; it is composted. Its such good compost you have to step back quick when you shove the seed in the ground in case the plant shoots up and hits you in the face.
The allotment is looking pretty good at the moment considering all the rain we have had over the winter. At least it seems to have drained well and nothing has blown away. The only water laying about is actually in the ruts on the driveway.
It has been an eventful week in the world of Royal Mail. I happily did St Mawes all week except Saturday when I did the driving job at Portscatho instead. I also helped out on three days in the week and did the walking job at Portscatho on two days and part of a walking job at Tregony on another day. The world of the old overtime is alive and well on occassion.
There has not been any snow in our part of the world except for a small peppering of the stuff a few days ago which only settled on lawns and roofs; it was gone by lunchtime. We've had a couple of cold mornings though and I've had to scrape the van twice. I felt sorry for everyone back 'up-country' who seem to have had it bad.
I saw from one of the guys that deliveries were cancelled in some offices in Surrey, including Farnham. I know just how annoying and frustrating that can be. A great pity staff aren't allowed to make their own judgements on things. Thats what being an adult is all about.
Sorry about that...I'm working myself up in to a rant so I will stop now.
My mum has been in hospital overnight for a 'Bronchoscopy' again. They kept her in because she has lost her voice and is struggling a little with her breathing. I know her lungs don't work to well. Being stuck in the house on cold days means she doesn't get much in the way of fresh air. I really think that might be good for her if she could get out more.
I spoke to both Fiona, and Lucy and caught up with their news. They don't seem to be struggling at all in the bad weather and are enjoying themselves.
We had a collapsing floor up in our spare room here. The floor suddenly started to dip and sag in two places. It worried me as I had visions of putting my foot through the downstairs ceiling. Linda told David about it and he came up on Saturday to fix it. The poor chap was busy for ages but made a good job of it. A firm floor once more and risk to ceiling nil.
Linda is now preparing a pheasant for Sunday dinner. It was one given to us by a friend down here. She was waving the wretched thing about in the kitchen while stood in front of the window. Percy, who is her tame pheasant who comes into the garden for grain saw this; he has now fled squawking in terror over the hedge and away. I suspect it may have been a family member...oh dear.
This was Percy quite happily strutting his stuff in the garden seconds before he saw his family member. I hope it wasn't his mum.
Anyway; Percy is over the hedge and beyond the creek; the other one is in the oven.
Just one final thing...I have another photograph to put in the blog. It is dated from September 1959.
I couldn't resist it. Its me on my first day at St Polycarps. Mum took it outside our cottage at Wishanger near Churt village. I was five years old. I have had to send a copy of this photo to a friend of mine recently. I found it in an old album of mum's that she gave me.
Modesty prevents me from saying that the good looks in the photograph are still very much there today in this boy. The thought does cross my mind that things haven't changed very much...I still carry a bag over my shoulder to this day, and I'm always wearing shorts. Ha Ha   

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