Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chapter Fifty Three

Almost two long months have passed since I wrote anything on my blog. I can't believe were the time has gone. Work took off for me in a huge way since I last wrote on August 13th. In fact...apart from my two week holiday when Linda and I walked Hadrians Wall and also visited family...I have not had a day off since that day. The holiday was hardly time off as we walked solidly for eight days and travelled and visited for the rest.
Finally there has come some semblance of order back into the old existence and I am back on more regular hours. Although I am still on a 'ten hour a week' contract, I am averaging weeks of forty hours worked. Its certainly been a big help to our finances and has helped keep our heads above water.
The work has not been easy because I have only had tuition on one of the jobs. Everything else has been done 'blind'. That's not really a problem because I do carry an A-Z of Cornwall with me wherever I go. I just feel a bit of an idiot when people walk past me and see me leaning up against a mailvan...and trying to see were I should be next.
When all is said and done though; I've had a brilliant summer on the post. I have been all over the place and learnt much. I've also met some wonderful people down here; both colleagues and customers. I couldn't be happier.
My next move in a year or so will be to buy myself a small van. I can't keep using the car on delivery as it is not really big enough in the storage space. We don't use our cars as mail vans; more as storage places to hold the mail as we deliver.
The boot in the back of my car contains my own mobile delivery office. I have---
One Basket which looks like it was once a bread basket
Seven delivery pouches including three full size and four half size
A folder containing information on each duty I have done
My A-Z map of Cornwall
My A-Z map of Truro
A bag of elastic bands
A roll of 'Gone Away' stickers
A box of delivery cards and 'While you were out' cards
And my jacket, my waterproofs, my flasks, and spare boots.
And spare pens.

The old adage from army life was never more appropriate as I am constantly switched around from office to office, and from duty to duty.
I quote...."Only trust the people you serve with; never trust anyone who outranks you; and never,ever, get separated from your kit."
I am flexible on the first two but absolutely firm on the last one.
It has stood me in good stead more than once.
The duties have been varied to say the least. My favourite ones are of course the ones at the seaside. I love doing both the jobs at Portscatho and also enjoy doing the three jobs at St Mawes. However, I have picked up several duties at Truro and have enjoyed all of those as well. I have done a lot of piecework were I have covered small parts of duties that could not be fully covered. This has kept me busy and all over the area. I've learned a lot. I also pick up a lot of van duties as well so the car is not always used. I can claim for fuel though.
I accidently ended up with three blogs called Linda and Liam in Cornwall. I can't seem to erase the other two, nor can I seem to change their titles either. I have decided to keep separate blogs of any walking we do and will put a separate blog up for each walk. I thought that I would keep the Liam and Linda in Cornwall title for all the blogs as I can't shift the title. However, when they are opened there will be a sub heading for each holiday and the chapters will be written out as a sort of diary.
I also fully intend now to put in at least an hour a day on the blogs until I catch up with myself.
I thought I'd finish this chapter by sticking a couple of recent photo's of us on the page. I think that Linda looks lovely as always...but the photo of me is a good reminder of why 'Taff' at Farnham office, always used to call me...'Gunner Shorthouse'. I can see the resemblance now. I look like Kitchener's last hope.

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