Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chapter Fifty four

Great excitement here the other day when my uniform finally arrived. I now have my Coastwatch kit to wear when I go down on duty. I am hoping to go on watch next Sunday afternoon with my mentor and will wear it for the first time. I know it sounds ridiculous but I can't wait to be on duty and kitted out properly.
At least now I shall look the part...even if I don't know anything. God help anyone who asks me for advice.
I am also enjoying a session of writing classes at Truro College. There are only a small group of us that turn up but its great fun and very informative. Sadly it is on a Wednesday evening so the quiz nights have had to take a back seat for the next eight weeks. Everything I seem interested in down here in Cornwall seems to be on a Wednesday evening. Even the NCI training nights are held once a month on that evening. I haven't been to one of those yet. Daft isn't it!!
However my poetry group that I go to once a month is on a Monday so I have been enjoying those. We meet up in the pub at Tregony and I really have a good laugh. They like my work as well so that's nice. I'm always a bit nervous of poetry that I write.
Linda and I went out on Saturday afternoon (13th October) and decided to go down onto 'The Lizard'. Incredibly the weather improved immensely over the week end and it was lovely down there. This was the view across the sparkly sea to a group of rocks; one of which is named 'MULVIN'.
Nobody has any idea why but it is on the Ordnance Survey map. I reckon a member of the family got sold it while the tide was out and thought they had a bargain. When the tide comes in it almost disappears.
My Uncle Tom had his ashes scattered here when he died and it is nice to be close by and remember  him. He was a lovely man and I loved him a lot. My Auntie Shirley said this was their favourite spot and its odd to think that we now live close by. Even more odd to have our family name connected with the place.
The light house is a favourite spot of mine and I like coming here and sitting on the cliff tops, looking out to sea. We must try and make more of it next year when the weather improves itself.
There is a real sense of the beauty of Cornwall as you sit above the sea. The sound of the wind; the call of the seagulls; and the crashing of the waves just fills your ears. For miles ahead all you can see is the water moving up and down and from side to side. Shipping is also very busy out there as we are not far from Falmouth either.
There is also a wonderful little pub that you can visit fairly close by. Not here at the Lizard but a couple of miles away at Cadgwith. An old smugglers pub sitting right in the middle of the cove. It is the most magical place you could wish to drink in.
Linda is trying to get herself an allotment down here. Not easy. We can't grow much in our own garden as the ground depth is only about six inches...and then solid rock. We are trying to get a plot fairly local so she can get back to growing her own veggies again. If it proves impossible, we thought of seeing if someone with a big garden they can't manage, would be willing to let Linda loose in theirs. They will get some free vegetables out of it and Linda will get her garden.
She needs a garden to work in, like I need a book to read. In other words...its ESSENTIAL.

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  1. We too like visiting The Lizard and enjoy walking down the steep path to the old Lifeboat station where big waves crash against jagged rocks with spray drenching those who aren't huddling behind ruined walls by the old l.b. station. A rock named Mulvin! what could be better?