Friday, 3 August 2012

Chapter Fifty

I have added a little bit of an update to the previous chapter and popped a couple of photos on it.

Linda has been off work since the dentist got to work on her; but this was not unexpected. He told her that the bruising would come out after a few days. He also told her that she would suffer discomfort and pain as well. She is trying to control the pain with the tablets he gave her as well as fight off any chance of infection. Its not going brilliantly.
How to describe how she looks is not easy either. Suffice to say that, if I took her out onto the streets I think I would be arrested and charged with assault. She looks as if somebody had beaten her up. One side of her face is swollen up like a football and is heavily bruised. At the same time this side of her face has gone tight and has turned that side of her mouth down. You would think she had suffered a stroke as well.
The inside of her mouth is black and blue with stitches hanging out of the gums. Couple all this with the black bruising on her face and you can see why she doesn't want any photo's of it seen. Linda is not a person to sit doing nothing but she has barely climbed off the sofa for three days. You can always tell if she's not well when she just lays there and does nothing...even more so when she leaves the television on and watches that. Thank God for the Olympics. She has watched more television in three days than she has done all year.
Thankfully the dentist did say it would all get worse up until today and should then start to improve steadily over the weekend. Its not been pleasent for her though.
As for me, I have been enjoying myself at Portscatho again. I have had a great three days working there but ended up back in Truro at the end of the week. Not to bad though and I like some of the guys I work with.
Fiona will be pleased to know that I have finally got around to painting the garden gnome that she and Woody gave us last Christmas. As a child I grew up firmly believing in the wonder of fairy folk and other magical creatures...I don't think I ever grew out of it. I have always had a fondness for gnomes and studied many of the tales and folklore about them.
I must introduce you all one day to my favourite character who happens to be a gnome. His name is 'Conker Paintleaf', and he lives in a wood.
Anyway, I digress.
Many years ago when Fiona and Lucy were young enough not to be even at school yet, two garden gnomes came to live with us in our house. It was on Christmas Eve morning and I was driving my mail van towards Rowledge from Wrecclesham.
It was very cold and still dark as I drove along the Boundstone Road. I was peering out of the windscreen when suddenly, in the headlights appeared two garden gnomes. They were stood beside the bus stop at the side of the road and appeared to be waiting for a bus.
As I told the girls later, "They had probably been to a party and were trying to get home to Black Gang Chine on the Isle of Wight."
I then explained to the two girls that, "The gnomes remembered me and also remembered seeing the two girls when we had visited back in the summer and could they come and stay with us for Cristmas?"
This explained how the two garden gnomes ended up standing in our front room when the girls got up that morning. Nobody ever tried to claim them and so they stayed.
One finally passed on and went back to fairyland, but the other one still lives with me in our back garden. Fiona asked me about the gnome one day last year and I was able to tell her he had come down to Cornwall with us although I always felt he might be lonely on his own. Hence the new gnome.
He needed painting and the paints were supplied with him. Thank goodness there was loads of it, because the original gnome needed a good painting as well. The painting was done by my own very unskilled hands, but I enjoyed doing it.
The old gnome is on the right and I call him Bayleaf. Our newest addition is on the left and I call him Digweed. They posed for the photo between the guinea pigs run and our old pear tree. The log in front of the pear tree is a ladybird house. In the background is our old birdbath were Bayleaf and Digweed normally stand.
This is a gnomes eye view of the garden. The guineas live in the moveable hutch and run behind them and are shifted around the garden at regular intervals so they can mow the lawn for me. The greenhouse is in the background just behind our table and chairs. It is so quiet sitting out here and we really enjoy the peace and solitude that comes with living here. Linda as you can see is relaxing on her sun lounger. This is two day's after the visit to the dentist so she remains hidden from view.
The gnomes are now installed beside thebird table and will keep vigil there for the rest of the summer and autumn. They live in the greenhouse during the winter. We may have to leave the guinea's in there with them this winter as well.

Workmen at their best; one leaning on a broom; the other leaning on a shovel.

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