Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chapter Fortyfive

The weather down here is still pretty bad. When the sun comes out, it is really Cornwall at its finest. However just lately we seem to be living in the other Cornwall. The one of dank mist, driving rain, thick fog, lashing rain, strong wind, monotonous rain, chilly temperatures, and drizzle.
If one more person tells me the garden needs it, I swear I will chuck them in the sea.
Still; we did do our homework last year while walking through here and we knew it could be like this quite frequently... funny how you forget though!!!
The walk last year involved some appalling weather some days as well as brilliant weather on others. However, some days were just so bad that we had to allow discretion to rear its ugly head and abandon a section of the walk. One section of the walk last year was the few miles between Mevagissey and Charlestown.
The rain had lashed down all morning and by the time we had swam into Mevagissey we were probably the only two drowned rats still outside. On advice that 'the path is dreadfully overgrown for the next few miles' and also hearing tales of 'a landslip up ahead'...we caught the bus into St Austell and holed up in a hotel. We agreed to walk this bit another day.
A couple of Sundays ago became that other day.
It rained all night, but sunshine and a nice breeze greeted the day, so we headed off to complete that little bit of the walk. Linda checked the map and worked out a circular walk from London Apprentice into Mevagissey, then coast path to Charlestown, followed by back to London Apprentice on an inland section. We assumed a distance of eight miles based on my constant assurance that Charlestown is only about three miles from Mevagissey.
That assumption was our first mistake; the pleasure in the sunshine was our second.
It started to drizzle again after about three miles of walking; coincidentally starting just as we started on the SWCP.
The actual distance after more exact measurement turned out to total fourteen miles. Not to far at all if not partly on a coast path. Hard work when once again you are climbing up and down the equivalent height of Everest to travel less than twenty feet in a linear direction.
The undergrowth was still overgrown as well.
This is when a decision has to be made. Do you keep your walking trousers as trousers...or do you remove the legs and wear them as shorts? As trousers they get soaking wet and horrible as you are wading through soaking wet undergrowth; as shorts you risk getting stung by nettles and scratched by brambles.
Mixed views meant that Linda had sopping wet trousers flapping around her legs, and I was stung and scratched to within an inch of my life.
The pub at Charlestown was a most welcome stop. Two pints of Tribute for me and two large Pinot's for Linda put the stride back into our step. The sun finally coming out and staying out helped as well. It was good to get back into the old routine of walking again. Most of what we have done so far over the last few months have not been to strenuous. We do need the stamina to be built up as well with our walk on Hadrians Wall looming ever closer.
I have enjoyed my work for Royal Mail very much at the moment. I'm still not on full hours but I seem to be able to pick up a bit of overtime. I use the tried and trusted method of getting extra work. It stood me in good stead for many years and has never let me down. Very simply...grab what you can, when you can; refuse nothing. It does work believe me.
I have just had several weeks working at Portscatho and St Mawes. Not only have the extra hours been very handy but I have enjoyed myself immensely. It's been good to be back amongst the banter again. (That I miss my children so very much is not up for dispute. If it wasn't for facebook I think I'd go mad.)
Its just that I miss the group of people I used to work with in our corner of the office; the group I went to the pub with for our last meal together. It may surprise some people but they were the people who made my day's go so well; that made my working life so bearable; that made me happy.
Being at Portscatho and St Mawes brings back a semblance of all that.
The days have been busy and have also flown past. I have not only worked my days off, but I have done extra hours as well. Its been fun.
Linda has also been busy and has been enjoying her work as well. She is getting on much better now that things have been sorted at work. However, it is her work at Maria's Animal Shelter that she is really enjoying.
Which is why the last two weekends we have been working on stalls at fetes for her!!!

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