Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Chapter Forty Six

Two of our weekends have been taken up with running stalls for Maria. She is a lovely lady who has been running her own Animal Shelter for several years now. Finally, after a lot of effort, she has managed to attain 'charity status' and is hoping to move it on to bigger and better things. This is the place that Linda voluteers for and helps out with on alternative days on weekends.
The weekend of the 23/24 of June found Maria unable to go to the Cornwall Agricutural College Show so Linda volunteered us to help there instead. This is why we spent the weekend working on a tombola/bookstall/ homemade produce stall in Callington.
I couldn't get the day off work for the Saturday but Linda was ably supported by one of the other volunteers for that day.

This is a view of the stall just before the visitors would have descended on it. The two of them cleared most of this by the evening and we had to replenish it all for the Sunday. This was the day when it was just me and Linda.  

  Over the two days we raised over £300-00 for the shelter.
It was great fun.
Our stall faced out onto the goat pen but they turned out to be surprisingly decent neighbours. Loafing around their pen, they kept themselves quietly to themselves and caused little problem...unlike the pig family to our right who obviously felt that it was party time.
Much snorting and squealing came from this quarter as they slowly trashed their pen and stuffed themselves senseless on any food they could find. Most of what they ate should have come from a large container that they continuously butted to release the food. However; a large proportion of their food came from the young children passing by who fed them anything that came to hand.
If you should ever eat a joint of pork that tastes slightly of chocolate, ice cream, burgers, ice lollies, chips, various fruits, or (I cant believe the cannibalism of these creatures) hot dogs...then it was probably a joint from one of these.

Coupled with a group of ducks that could escape at the drop of a hat from their own pen it proved to be an exciting and vibrant pitch.
You will all need to sit down for this next snippet of news. I would reccomend a calming cup of tea to hand or probably just some asprin.
For those who know me well you will understand the outstanding nature of the news I am about to impart; no wonder there has been flooding and strange occurences ever since. Linda swears she saw the four horseman of the apocolypse peering out from a cloud and deciding whether to ride or not.
The cause of all this...full of enthusiasm for the stall...I DONATED SOME OF MY OWN BOOKS.
This has never happened since the dawn of time when I learnt to read. I never get rid of my books.
Halfway through the day I had to physically restrain myself from buying some of them back. God knows what people thought when they saw me tying myself to a gate post.
Seriously though, it was great fun.
The tombola went really well on both days and we cleared almost every prize on each of the two days as well. We adopted a policy of giving a free lolly to any youngster who didn't win anything. That kept the little ones happy and saved any upsets. No wonder Del Trotter enjoys working the markets; its brilliant.
We also had the added bonus of Katrina and Kevin turning up with Oscar. They are down for a weeks holiday on the north coast and will be visiting us when they can. It was great seeing them all again and especially nice that Oscar remembered Linda and I from his last visit. He is not saying Grandma or Grandpa yet but it wont be long.
I love Oscar's shirt. If Fiona and Lucy had been able to find shirts like this I swear they would never have been out of them.

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