Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Chapter Forty Seven

This is going to be another busy week leading up to our next weekend helping out with the fete and dog show for Maria. At least this time it is a little closer to home and is only up the road in Probus. Linda has taken the week off because of seeing Katrina and family. I am having a great time doing a different duty each day; all of them at either Portscatho or St Mawes. Brilliant and I can't wait.
My sister Therese and my niece Becky are coming down on Wednesday. They will be staying with us for ten days or so, to give Therese time to convalesce from her operation. Who needs a gall bladder anyway; thats what we say. Becky too is in need of a bit of R & R herself so hopefully Cornwall will be able to works its magic while they are here.
On Tuesday Katrina and co turned up and Oscar quickly made himself at home by throwing the teddies out of my old chair and taking possession once more. Its great to see that little chair in use again.
After dinner we took them across to Carne beach and had a walk on the sands. Oscar is more than capable of running around on his own although he wanted to make sure first that all was OK. He stayed close to his dad at first as Kevin brought him closer to the water.

 It wasn't long though before he followed us into the sea for a paddle. For him however; what started as a paddle ended up as a dip in the sea as he considered sitting in it more important than simply walking through.

You forget how much energy yougsters have until they go dashing off in all directions...and Oscar is no exception. He charged up and down the beach like a madman; exploring this and examining that; I didn't think he would stop. Going home a little while later...he was out cold in no time.
The following day dawned and by the afternoon Therese and Becky were down with us once more. They both look very tired and worn out so a week or so of doing nothing is on the cards. Linda and I are great believer's in letting people recuperate at their own pace. We will be here if needed, but will be there for them on their terms and not ours.
The weather has taken a little surge for the better and we have had three or four dry days. On the strength of that we decided to have a BBQ in the garden and invite Katrina and co along as well. The whole thing was a great success and the weather held out a treat.
Needless to say; the head chef, myself; produced a wonderful array of sausages and burgers while my lovely assistant produced everything else. Oscar however seemed far more interested in the guinea pigs and spent most of his time near them.
It was a nice afternoon and evening and the time flew by. Once again we found ourselves saying goodbye to people we care about deeply and it was sad to watch them drive back up the road; they go home in two days.
One thing you never think of when you move away is that there will always be wonderful hello's, but on the other side of the coin, also some sad goodbyes. I doubt we shall ever get used to it.
The weather took a turn for the worst the following day with strong winds and showers. Everybody down here has a car covered in dirt which the television has informed us is sand from the Sahara. It seems the strong winds have come from there and they scooped up tons and tons of sand on the way.  My neighbour swears he had it worst than most as he had heard a knock on his front door at 04-00 this morning. He says when he opened the door he found two arabs and a camel asking for the quickest route back to Cairo. Well I believe him even if Linda doesn't.
Sunday was the big day for Maria's event and Linda and I turned up early to help out. I have been put in charge of the book stall and am in my element. Linda has become greeter and raffle ticket seller at the door.
I brought more of my books along with me and was delighted to see them go off to some good homes. We found out later that by the end of the day Maria had made over £1500-00 for the charity. Not a bad days work at all. Linda made £300-00 on the raffle alone which kind of put my £120-00 in the shade a bit. We had a fantastic day even if a little exhausting. Therese and Becky were there as well and had fun hunting for bargains.
All things considered though it was a busy old day, so when it was all over we headed to the pub at Tregony for dinner. That wound up the day nicely.
This last week has been very mixed. Therese and Becky continued to improve daily and enjoyed watching Wimbledon on the telly. Linda was busy at work and travelled as far as Penzance one way and Plymouth the other.
As for me, I was delivering in places I had never been to before. One minute delivering close by, the next, I'm up on the north coast and working up there. If they can supply you with a van all is well. If not though they give you 45 pence per mile if you use your own car. I'd never heard of that before so I have a big belated claim to put in.
Its been fun though and I have met some lovely new people on my travels.
My uniform orders have finally caught up with me and at last some replacement uniform has turned up. The order went in three times as the first one disappeared completly. The second order arrived before the third order was sent in, but because nobody had heard of the name on the order form, it ended up on a shelf.
When my order for a cagoulle and new pair of boots arrived one of the managers spotted my name on the box. It read 'Liam Mulvin'. He suddenly chimed up,
"Thats similar to the name on the other box that we put up on the shelf thinking it was a new starter."
He found the box and brought it over. The name read as 'William Melvin'. When we opened it we found the other item I had ordered which was a new fleece. We also found a pair of brand new boots as well so I now have two pairs. It could only happen at Royal Mail.
 The rest of the country seems to be in the grip of some severe weather and it appears far more serious than ours down here. We have had some bad weather obviously, but our little corner of Cornwall seems to have been spared any flooding. The other day the forecast was for apocalyptic weather bringing floods and surface water to us all. On the strength of that and under darkening skies I joined the rest of the village in mowing our own lawns. Twenty minutes after the last mower was switched off and silence settled over us all...it began to rain.
It poured down all night and I was not looking forward to my delivery the following day; which was last Saturday.
My alarm went off and I peered anxiously through the curtains at the Armageddon that was surely awaiting me outside. There was no surface water and only a light drizzle falling. I drove to work and witnessed no problems anywhere. By the time I left Truro the rain had stopped; by the time I got to Mount Hawke I was driving into fog. When I left Mount Hawke I drove out of the fog into sunshine and headed to Grampound Road. It was sunny there but I did get caught by the lightest of quick showers.
While I had been at work, Linda, Therese, and Becky had gone down to the creek to see the start of the River Fal charity swim. It wasn't a race or anything like that; simply a bit of fun and group swim down river towards Philleigh.
Loads of people from all over the place took part and they seemed to enjoy themselves. Linda is determined to take part next year. There where several canoes and boats about for anyone in difficulties so it all seemed very well organised. The three of them enjoyed the whole thing and joined in with the banter as everyone set off. Perhaps Therese and Becky will swim it with Linda next year. I wont of course; I still can't swim yet no matter how hard Linda has tried to teach me.
By the time I got home the sun was shining and we all sat out in the garden. Linda had washing on the line which was drying and she was now pottering about. Therese and Becky were in the loungers reading and enjoying the sun; even the two guinea pigs were lying out on the grass and taking it easy.
That pretty much was our weekend. While other parts of the country flooded and drowned; and this includes parts of Devon and Dorset; we sat out and enjoyed it.
Sadly though, this weekend was the time for Therese and Becky to return home. We had Sunday lunch out in the garden before taking them both back up to St Austell. They are on their way home now and we are sitting back out in the garden again. Well I am; Linda is back to her pottering about.

It seems very empty here now they have gone. 

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