Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chapter Forty Eight

You can probably hear the cursing and shouting where you are. That would be me doing that. I have just lost the entire page that I have been writing for the last three hours. I have no idea what happened.
Oh well. I shall begin again.
A few weeks ago Linda and I became the proud minders of two guinea pigs. They are Whiskey and Widget. Whiskey is the male and is dark brown while Widget is the female and is a much lighter colour. We have got them a moveable run so they are able to get lots of exercise dashing about on the lawn. Above the run is their hutch. This is nice and roomy and gives them two areas to live in as well as the run itself.
                 Widget                                                              Whiskey

This is Widget, as usual, first to the food bowl

Sadly, neither of them has been able to learn that they can run down the sloping board to the run beneath. Both of them are able to gallop back up the thing to the hutch...but then they are stuck there for the day. We have had to buy a small day hutch for them that sits in the run. They can get in and out of that alright and it stops them getting ill through sleeping on the damp grass all day.
They really are a delight and spend a lot of time together, chirping at each other. I'm not quite sure if that is the right description of the noise they make, but that's what it sounds like to me. They seem to adore Linda as well and lie quite happily in her arms when she picks them up. They are lovely little creatures and we are fond of them.

 I did make the mistake of telling Linda that "they are  part of the basic diet of people in Peru and suchlike and wasn't that interesting?"
The icy stare followed by the even icier question of...
"And your point is what??"
reminded me to think more, before I open the old mouth. You would think I had learnt by now. Anyway; reassurances that I would not be eating the guinea pigs has been accepted and all is OK. I decided not to ask her what she thought they might taste like. It seemed best.
Last Saturday (14th July) some old friends of ours came down to Cornwall for a holiday. Mark, Tracy, and Harry; known to all an sundry as "the wheelies"; seem to have been able to make the jetstream go back to were it belongs. I assume this because as soon as they got to Cornwall, the sun came out and summer started.
Certainly it has come as some relief to people in Britain because that jet stream has brought nothing but death and destruction with it over the last couple of months. Hopefully that is now behind us and we can enjoy once again.
Mark had already spoken to us and also to Ian and Debbie who also live down here in Cornwall. Mark, Ian, Linda, and myself all worked at Farnham Royal Mail together for many years and we have kept in touch.
The upshot of all this was a beach BBQ at Portreath on the north coast. We all arrived at about seven that evening; Ian clutching a BBQ and loads of sausages and burgers. Mark and I were stood there with loads of bottles and glasses. It was a brilliant evening.

All seven of us carted everything down to the beach and soon settled in for a huge 'catch-up'. The evening was a delight as regards the weather, and absolutely fantastic as regards the 'catch-up'. We only came in when it got to dark to see.
In fatc we had such a good time we repeated the whole thing at Porthleven the following thursday; but this time at Debbies house.
It was a real 'postie' evening, made even more postal when Claire (postie) texted me from Farnham  and told us that Gary (postie) had just become a proud father again; this time of a son. It could not have been more opportune and we were able to 'wet' the baby's head.
The evening was such a laugh and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. There is nothing like a group of posties getting together to fill the evening with banter. Its normally pretty ridiculous but can also be very funny.
 You would probably have to have been there to appreciate the humour concerning 'Steven Seagull and Owl Pacino'...but if you could see this aggressive old herring gull squaring up to a large plastic 'bird scarer' owl, you would have laughed as much as we did.

Mark and Tracy                                   Liam and Linda                    Ian and Debbie

Harry did the honours for us all and took a brilliant photo of the six of us. Its funny how things go. We all met up after several months, and it was as if no time at all had passed...we just carried on as normal. Fantastic.
I reached the ripe old age of 58 on Wednesday as well. I still feel as if I'm only 28...Linda says I act as if I'm only 8; but I still can't believe I'm almost 60. Its a shock sometimes to even think on it...so I wont.
This is me wearing the birthday cake hat complete with candles. Linda said not to put the full amount of candles on it as the weight would damage my neck...how charming.

Work has taken on a decided learning curve and my hours have increased enormously. Sadly, I am still being wasted on a ten hour a week contract but I am putting in weeks of thirty hours or so at the moment. The biggest problem I find is to keep learning jobs blind. Its not easy and you never really get to know them properly. It has been fun working in Truro though and I have enjoyed it... however I still want to get out to my beloved Portscatho and St Mawes. Thats were I'm happiest.
I have been offered some bar work at the local pub (The Kings Head). I dont start until September and I am looking forward to getting a new skill under my belt. Its been nearly thirty years since I did some work at the con club at Farnham in that bar.
We are making the most of our weekends and evenings while the weather is good and have been going down to Carne Beach. Its been lovely to sit there or walk along the beach through the surf. Its what we came down here for and we love it to bits.
I think thats it. Most of what I had already written is now back down here again. If I lose this I shall scream.

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