Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chapter Fortyone

 It is only right and proper now that I give you all an update on the garden. Linda is the main driving force behind it; I am merely the slave who does as he's told. Actually that's not strictly true. The garden is Linda's passion; her escape; her bolthole. I wouldn't interfere with it one jot. I leave her to work in it and I do the bits she asks me to do. Invariably that is mowing the lawn.
Incredibly she also asks me to do some other little jobs...such as fixing up the hanging baskets. Clutching my drill to my chest; my heart in my mouth; and butterflies in my stomach; I approached the wall and fixed them up there.
It is a mark of my own confidence in myself that I am no longer rushing out to check if they have stayed up. Since this photo was taken, Linda has set out trough's of plants underneath the basket's to good effect.
The view to the right of the baskets is the greenhouse.
This is now a lovely place to sit out in and catch the sun in the afternoon.
The greenhouse has been full of plants and Linda has finally got most of them out in the garden proper. All the veg this year is being grown in tubs so hopefully we shall have a good crop of stuff. Due to the nature of the soil, Linda has planted more tubs this year with both veg and flowers than ever before.

Even that archway I put up seems to have survived the strong winds and the bad weather of last winter.. Hopefully when the roses grow up around it they should anchor it further.

It is so quiet here though that you can easily forget that a world sits out there just up the road. I have been reading the series 'Game of Thrones ' at the moment and its amazing how I can forget the time just sitting out side. I fell asleep the other afternoon when I got back from St Mawes and slept in the garden for almost five hours. That's were Linda found me when she came back home.
I'm afraid the table and chairs out there can be very inviting on a bright, sunny day. The tree in the garden is a pear tree and Linda has taken that under her wing a bit as well. She dug out and got rid of the ivy that was threatening to choke it and it has responded with a huge amount of fruit. It is early days as yet but the tree is covered with tiny pears just waiting to grow and ripen. I'm not a great lover of pears but I'll eat them if they're free.
On the right of this picture is a little fence put up to disguise the gas tank. We don't get gas piped into the house through pipes and have to rely on it being delivered and stored by 'Flogas'. Linda made the fence herself from so old leftover material from the house in Godalming. She trimmed it and staked it out and its doing a pretty good job. There was a little left over and she used that to make a gate into the greenhouse. This has had to go up there to keep Percy and Pippy Chick out of the place.
We don't mind them coming into the garden but we object to them scoffing the young plants. Fortunately they only eat the seed that spills onto the floor from the bird feeders.
Actually...thats not strictly true either. Linda also has a pot of food and will scatter a bit on the ground for when they both come in. This is Pippy Chick standing on our table. We haven't seen her for several days although Percy has wandered into the garden a few times. Linda suspects that she is sitting on a nest incubating some eggs. Hopefully she will survive any predators around here and rear a little family. With any luck they may bring the young ones into the garden as well.

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