Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chapter Forty

I have managed to get the photographs off Linda of the end of the Saints Way. It was a lovely day for walking and the views were very special from the top of the tor. Our walk took us along a silent path from there and we found this mysterious little place alongside it.
Obviously it is well looked after as the whole area has been mown and kept neat and tidy...but there is no mention of it anywhere that we could find. It is hard to tell if it is new or old. Is it prehistoric? Perhaps a site of ancient worship? Is it something cobbled together recently as a small picnic or play area? Or is it just something done for crop circles?
We have no idea and can only wonder at the mystery of it. However; for two people as perceptive as us; we could only marvel at the peace and tranquility of the place and felt no 'bad vibes' at all.
Later on in the walk we came across this standing stone. This does have a bit of history to it and gave a sense of time and permanence to the place.
I could feel the connection as I stood there between these two places. The lovely old church behind us and the ancient standing stone we had just passed. I just had to stop and look back. I know that one of them is a place of worship; could the older one be such as well? It certainly felt like it.
It was later that evening, after we got back to the tor, that my day really got crowned. I wandered over half the site on our last visit with both Linda and I trying to find the 'Logan Rock'. Three tons of granite, it balances on the landscape and will wobble under your feet if you rock back and forth.
Finally we found the thing, and yes, it can make you feel a little queasy as it rocks under you. Even more so when you think that if it're going to be falling alongside three tons of very unforgiving rock.
 It rocked quite a bit with just me on it. You can imagine how much it rocked with both of us.
This is us after we both climbed back off the silly thing. We're hanging on to each othe rin case we fall off. Great fun though.

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