Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chapter Forty Two

Well there has been a lot of excitement down here over the last little while. It started off a couple of weeks ago when the Olympic flame got carried through Cornwall. I am not that bothered about the Olympics I have to confess but I know that a lot of people are looking forward to it very much. If my dad was still alive I know he would be glued to the television for the entire thing.
Dad never cared what sport it was...he loved it. Main stream stuff like Football, Rugby, or Cricket; less well known, but just as hard fought sports, such as curling, handball, archery, even welly throwing or bog snorkeling, he loved the lot.
Me, I like reading about it. Watching it ; or God forbid; taking part in it, I tend to give it all a wide berth.
In fairness though I did sit and watch all the world cup final in 1966; and United winning the European cup in 1968. I've been known to sit and watch a bowls match as well so I can be quite sporty I suppose.
Having said all that; we did enjoy the spectacle of the Olympic flame going through the Duchy. We never got close enough to see it live, but we did follow it on the telly.
My god daughter, Kacey, rang me as well to say her mum and dad were coming down to visit her for a week so would we all like to meet up. That was great fun and we had both Gerry and Tessa around here for one evening; and we popped across to Summercourt for another evening.
It was good to see them again and the four of us had a great time chatting and catching up. It was good seeing Kacey and family as well. It's amazing that they only live fifteen miles away yet we rarely seem to get a chance to meet up.
That same week was the start of my fortnight at St Mawes. What a beautiful village; I just loved it. The duty they gave me was right in the heart of the place and I loved every minute of it. I even found a hairdresser who can thankfully take over looking after mine. At least he cuts it like Tessa used to, so it looks good again.
The other highlight has been the Queens Jubilee.
I am a royalist and always have been. I'm proud of the Royal Family and enjoy both the history and the pageantry of it all. Linda is of the same mind so we determined to do our bit over the weekend. Two union flags up in the front porch window seemed a good start on the Friday evening. We followed that by having a fish and chip supper at Tregony followed by a long walk on Carne Beach.The weather was glorious and we hoped it would stay like that.
I had to work Saturday but Linda was up at the farm helping out Maria with the animals. The weather remained dry although a little overcast.
It began raining on Saturday night.
It was still raining on Sunday morning when we drove up to Grampound Road to help Maria out with her stall at the Jubilee Fete. Thankfully we had our gazebo with us which we brought along and it gave a bit of cover. Our stall consisted of things to sell and a tombola. Sadly the weather kept a lot of folk away but it was great fun for all that. Maria is hoping to get Charity status for her farm and then she can continue in her rescuing of small animals.
A good day out for the two of us, but it was still raining when we went to bed.
Monday dawned bright and sunny and it was as if no rain had ever fallen in Cornwall. We had the day to ourselves until late in the evening, when we were going to the 'lighting of the Jubilee Beacon' up the road.
We decided to spend the day on another 'Donald Vage' walk and chose the one that goes from Perranzabuloe to Perranporth and return.
We drove across to the north coast, which only took us half an hour and set off from the churchyard.
A beautiful old church, sadly locked up tight, but with an amazing churchyard. In the main it has been allowed to run wild; although in a controlled sort of way; for the obvious benefit of wildlife. The insect population must be staggeringly large. The wild flowers were breathtaking and I never thought Linda would leave it.
We walked through fields and 'green' lanes with the sea always just in front of us. In the village of Bolingey we found a nice pub, although we never went in to prove how nice it was, and we also found the most wonderful thatched white cottage.
So typical of the ideal one has in mind of cottages down in the west country.
 The pub looked really good as well and summed up my idea of village pubs completely.
The walk soon led us into Perranporth and we sat on the wall overlooking the beach and ate our sandwiches. The coffee in the flask had a generous dollop of the old 'Tullamore Dew' in it and that put a spring in the step for the walk back.
 The sunshine shone throughout the walk and we had a lovely time on the walk. There is always so much to see down here and its never boring.
Later that evening we drove up to the field were the beacon was to be lit. It proved a great opportunity to meet up with more of the villagers and the people who make up our community. The other day I delivered all the Roseland magazines for the village as Gary was away. I had a great time and was delighted to help out. Its a fantastic way of meeting up with people as well.n This proved the case at the beacon were we were both recognised by others and made to feel very welcome.
Our beacon was the official one for the Roseland, and by chance the highest point here is this field in our parish. It was a good chance to have a chat; sample some excellent local sausages in bread rolls; and also to try a local home made cider. A very nice if slightly squiffy evening. I loved it and the beacon was a great success. Its amazing what a bit of petrol soaked wood can do at the touch of a burning rag.
   I bet they could see it in London. A nice touch as well was when we all joined in and sang 'God save the Queen'. Young and old alike, it made for a magical moment.
The following afternoon we all met up again at our little village hall known as 'The Reading Room'. There we all sat down to a wonderful spread consisting've guessed it; cream teas for all. Very nice and very tasty. It made a really fitting end to the Jubilee weekend.
And the best news of all...I get an extra day off this week as wednesday is my day off. Yeehah!!!an extra day all for me.

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