Friday, 15 June 2012

Chapter Forty four.

The weather has continued to be very mixed down here though I have to say we seem to get the better side of it. What amazes us is how it can be pouring down four miles away yet really hot just here. The storms of the last week died away and we ended up with sunshine, but still with blustery winds.
I had two days delivering at Portscatho which I thoroughly enjoyed and that finished the working week off.
Saturday was a warmer day all around and the wind eased off a fair bit. At least it eased off enough to float off the stranded yacht in St Mawes harbour. She got swept over the rocks and left high and dry up on the beach. She was leaning quite casually against the sea wall when I saw her. Fortunately she was relatively undamaged and they got her away on the high tide very early Saturday morning.
Linda and I spent most of Saturday in the garden. I got the lawn mowed and then did what I do best... sat and read a book until I was needed. The garden, as I said before, is very much Linda's preserve and I don't interfere. She has made a superb job of it and it is a treat to be out in it.
I must have been tired for some reason because I fell asleep Sunday morning within half an hour of getting up, and had another four hours shuteye in the armchair. I think its the tablets I'm on but I'm not sure. They do make me tired, but four hours seems a little excessive.
Monday saw us both back at work as normal; yet the evening that was very much less than normal.
Linda found herself at Penzance for the day working with the "Singing for the Brain" people and in the evening she was a special guest at a masonic meeting to receive a cheque on behalf of the Alzheimers Society.
Donning her posh togs, she accepted the cheque and made a short speech of thanks, followed by a little bit of networking, before heading home. It shows how far she has come on in her life because she would never have had the confidence to do something like that a few years ago. She said it all went off very well and that she enjoyed it. I was very pleased for her.
As for me, I donned the usual casual clothes and headed for the 'Kings Arms' at Tregony to join the poetry group. It was really good and I enjoyed myself. I read out two poems I had written, although you can also bring stuff along to read from other poets. I had a great evening and will go back again. Once again I am the only man there.
I learnt a new delivery at St Mawes this week. I turned up on Tuesday to find out I would be doing it blind again; just like the other duty I did two weeks ago. Nothing daunted I found my way around and now, four days later, I am pretty much up to speed on it.
Thankfully, everybody at Portscatho and St Mawes has been very helpful and the task of learning the jobs has been considerably easier than it could have been. Royal Mail wont 'waste' money on tuition if they can possibly avoid!!
Linda hurt herself the other day in the garden. She got something in her eye and it has been sore now for a while. The pain and the weeping has got worse so I took her to A & E at Trellisk hospital yesterday afternoon. The rain was thundering down and all was horrible. I left Linda and shot off to get the shopping. By the time I returned she was ready to leave and all seems to be alright at the moment.
I was of no use to her with her eye as I always feel very squeamish when it comes to eyeballs. . For that reason alone I am delighted they could do something for her. It makes me ill just squeezing drops into someone's eye, never mind having a good look to see what might be in there.
Today the wind has howled across Cornwall and was absolutely relentless. I got out of the car at St Mawes harbour and the wind sent my pen spinning from behind my ear and straight into the sea. Clutching everything else to me I fought my way across the road and into the Post Office.
Everywhere you looked, things not tied down were leaving town. A union jack flag, torn from its place at someones window, sailed over the roof tops and away. Plastic bags joined it in flight; even a beach ball shot down the road and disappearred into the harbour. It was last seen heading for France!!
The delivery was certainly an exciting one today and we had loads of laughs once out. A successful day though...not one of the three of us lost a letter. If any of us had dropped a letter today it would have been in Devon before it hit the ground.
The good news is the wind has shifted an awful lot of rain away and its become nice this afternoon.

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