Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chapter Thirtyfour

11th April
I am now the proud possessor of the correct glasses. Finally I managed to get the order right and have got the correct ones. At least I can wear these for work. I chose not to have varifocal glasses when I got my last lot and found I couldn't throw my round off at work. What an idiot. More expense to replace my new glasses with even newer glasses. All sorted now anyway and I'm off to pick mum up from St Austell station.
The train pulled in and mum had somehow managed to get enough help from those about her to get herself and her bags off and onto the platform. She looked in good spirits and enjoyed the trip down. We had all been worried at whether she would cope but she had no problems.
I got her home and within moments it was if she had never left. One cup of tea later and she was up for a trip around Portscatho and St Mawes to see were I work. The weather is perfect today so we got a lot done. We visited all the places I work in and it gave mum a taste of my working day at present.
When we got home Linda had just pulled up as well. I'm not sure what happened next but in no time at all we were all working out in the garden. I was mowing the lawn as usual and even mum cleared a flower bed of some weeds. Nice to make her earn her keep.
The following day, Linda and I were both at work while mum was at home on her own. She said she was happy to just be there and potter about so that was fine.
Woody and Fiona came down to Cornwall today for a lightening trip. Woody had a meeting in Truro so brought Fiona with him. Once the meeting was over, they drove out to Portscatho and met me at the pub. It was great to see them both and we had lunch and a drink at the pub before heading home to mum.
Thats all my family been to the house now except for Grahame. He and Julie will be down in another month and we're looking forward to that.
Fiona and Woody loved the house and sat chatting and drinking tea with us as the afternoon raced by. All to soon it was time for them to leave and we had to say goodbye. Ever so pleased they could get down here though and at least they've seen were we live.
The following day after work I took mum out and about in the car. Exciting stuff all around as the first port of call was the dump at St Austell. We then drove up past the 'pyramid' and down towards Truro. Mum is still gets a little tired with to much walking so we just drove around and looked at the sights. After that, I took her up to Threemilestone and showed her were Linda works.
To finish the day off we then drove down to Trelissick Gardens for tea. A beautiful gardens to walk around, but a bit cold for stepping out today, so the cafe sufficed. Hopefully mum will be back again in the summer and I can take her around the garden then.
One scrummy tea later and we drove down the road to go home on the King Harry Ferry. We are getting used to using the ferries when travelling around down here, but the novelty has still not worn off. Mum thought it was brilliant.
Saturday was my last day at regular work at Portscatho for the forseeable future. I cannot put into words how happy I have been working there. It may have only been for three months but I have lived my dream...and I loved it.
I could not afford to hang around as I had to get home quickly to get ready for our meeting.The South West Coast Path Association had its AGM in Newquay this year and we decided to go along. We were presented with our certificate for completing the walk last year. It was nice to have mum there with us to share the moment. Great fun.
The weather is not proving so good at the moment so we didn't hang around for long afterwards. We drove over to Carnon Downs for dinner, before heading home via the ferry to start packing. We're on holiday tomorrow.

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