Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chapter Thirty three

6th April
Katrina and Kevin have come down to Cornwall with baby Oscar to spend Easter with us. Oscar is a delight and was certainly very happy to be down here with his Grandma and Grandpa. He has definitely grown since we saw him last; a real little boy now.
The last few weeks have been busy but the weather has been glorious, a real sense of summer. So much so that there is now a hosepipe ban in parts of Britain...including the South East. We in the South West are luckier and we are under no restrictions as yet. We also have the village well outside our front door and that is keeping us going.
We paid a flying visit up country at the end of March for a two day stopover. Its all been happening up there recently and we wanted to just look in and catch up. The perfect opportunity arose with Grahame and Julies joint 50th birthday party.
Linda and I drove up on the Friday afternoon and settled in to a travelodge in Camberley. That evening we went to Fiona and Woody's place for a real first time treat. Fiona had passed her driving test a few weeks ago and Woody immediately got her insured to drive his car.
It was with great pride and delight that I placed Linda in the rear seat of it and climbed into the front passenger seat so that Fiona could drive us all out to a local pub for dinner. Her confidence in driving showed and we arrived safely at The Jolly Farmer at Binstead for our meal.
Woody had gone somewhere else so it was only the three of us. We arranged to meet him at their home later on. We had a lovely meal and chatted about this and that for ages. It was a defining moment for me...I'm beginning to feel more like my own dad every day old that is.
Where did those years go so quickly that my daughter drives me to the pub for a meal?
It was brilliant.
Then, later on, I made a right idiot of myself. We got back to Fionas... and Woody wasn't there. We had to go, and as we got into our car the resulting conversation took place.
Its 2230 in the evening.
Me----"Will Woody be back soon do you think?"
Fiona----"I don't know. I'll walk up through town and see if I can find him."
Me----"What!!!! Its late at night. You can't walk around the streets on your own. Shall I come with you?"
(I did the same thing on Waterloo Station when Jon went off and left Lucy to catch the train home alone...same results too.)
It doesn't take a genius to imagine the stunned comments from both Fiona and Linda. As soon as I had spoken I thought how stupid I had been to say it in the first place...but I still said it.
Never mind 'growing up'... 'growing older' is just as difficult.
Woody turned up at this point and both Fiona and Linda hastened to tell him what I had said; he gave me a pitying look and asked me had I been joking although he knew I hadn't been. My face coloured I know that much.
All three looked at me as I got back into the car with that look that says,
"Stupid old fool, bless'im."
I brazened it out and and waved as we left. At least it was smiles all around. As I slid back down into my seat one thought did surface though and I had a quiet grin.
"Well at least Woody got back before she wandered off on her own so that was a result."

Its very tough being a Dad with unless you are...don't comment. LOL.

The following day was the birthday meal and it was a great success. Good food, good wine, and good company. About sixty of us at the restaurant which made for a convivial meal and a good laugh. For entertainment a singer had been hired. He was excellent and made the meal a success. There was also a turn from Christopher as well and he showed us all a taste of the success he will one day become.
All to soon it was over and we headed back to the hotel, via Therese and the kids. It was good to see them and catch up. We will be on holiday down in Somerset with them in a fortnight so we managed to sort out a few things before the event.
Sunday we spent the morning at Linda's mums. We wanted to catch up with her and Chris and make sure they were both OK. Although both are still sore and in pain with their injuries they both seemed in good spirits. It was nice to catch up with them both. Hopefully we shall see them at our place one of these days. We had to dash by lunchtime though. Lots to do.

This brings me back to Katrina and family.
Sadly the weather has changed and is becoming colder and wetter than it has been of late. It stayed dry long enough to take them for a walk and a meal around Mevgissey. The tides are extremely high and extremely low at present so things look quite dramatic while we are out.
Kevin and I walked down to Sett Bridge this evening to see the high tide washing in. A large part of the road below our house was full of water and the saltings were covered as well. Even down at the river the water is almost up to the top of the bridge arch. Very exciting and incredible to look at.
We rushed home after that as it was getting colder and wetter while we were out. It didn't seem to bother two teenagers however, who dashed along the road to a car wearing nothing but their underwear. They had been swimming in the creek would you believe.
Oscar has found my little chair that my grandad bought for me 57 years ago. He bought two; one for me, and one for my cousin Denise; we both still have them. Both my daughters used it when they were little and it was great to see it getting some more usage again. I'd forgotten that it would be useful for my grandchildren until Oscar reminded me.

Normally I have three teddies sitting in this. Two of them are as old and as fragile as I am so I had hidden them away. I just left the chair as it was and was delighted when he decided to make it his own.
On Easter Monday we all went to the fete at Portscatho. By now the wet weather was in with a vengeance and it was pouring down. What a contrast in the last month...blistering sunshine and now torrential rain.
The fete was good as was the market. They were selling original Noddy books but the price was a little out of my league. Perhaps next time. We had a good time though and enjoyed ourselves. All to soon however it was time for them all to head back up country. It wont be long though as they are back down here on a fortnights holiday later on in the year.
It will be good to see them.  

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