Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chapter Thirty Six

The next couple of weeks kind of sailed by with both of us working hard at home and at work. Work for Linda has improved hugely and she is a lot more happier now. Her stress levels reduced as did her workload and at last things have become a bit more manageable. She has less problems in the office now and is able to do her work as she would like without interference.
I'm the one struggling unfortunately. I have reverted back to my ten hour week and I really don't like it. It is not for me at all. I have applied for various posts in Royal Mail and been turned down for the lot. The reason given that they have somebody with similar hours who needs the job over me. However I have been encouraged by the manager to keep trying.
Finally, a job was pointed out to me that nobody wants...so I put in for it. Two months later I still hadn't been replied too so I wrote again and asked what was happening. It turns out I can't have it because they cannot convert my ten hours into forty. Not enough hours in the office budget aparently.
Why keep encouraging me to apply for jobs if I have no chance of getting one anyway...I smell a rat.
Then I got asked to do the driving job at Portscatho for a week. I accepted delightedly and started work. Three days later I had a slight accident and knocked the wing mirror off...I've been suspended from driving ever since...from immediate effect. The bloke they asked to take over from me is the chap who wrote the entire van off just eight months ago...I smell a rat.
All was sweetened by my manager who called me in a few days later. She asked me if I felt I could do some more of the village on Grampound Road delivery;in effect; double the round. I said I could and could cover the entire village in four hours. This seemed acceptable and I was told this state of affairs would start fairly soon.
However, when I spoke to my workmate Tania, she told me they were talking of putting in just an extra hour a day instead of two. She thought they mat bump it up to an hour and a half extra but no more. Then I spoke to my other workmate Reg, who told me they had offered him the job...I smell a rat.
At the moment I don't know were life is taking me or what is happening as regards Royal Mail. The company I am most loyal to; the company I am happiest with; the company I love the most; seems determined to keep me down. I shall see were all this leads before looking for another job.
The weather has not been so good for the last few weeks and there have been record rainfalls over most of the country. Cornwall has been no exception and it has both suffered and benefitted from the rain. It may be damaging the tourism...but its taken us out of drought status.
I met a very nice bloke at work, Jim, who told me about his wife's grandad, who wrote a series of Cornwall Walking books. Linda and I managed to buy all three and we have decided to do all the walks in them as a project for the year.
The first one was very close to home and started at Tregony. A lovely walk, although muddy, with a beautiful church halfway around to visit. A great start to the books which encouraged us to attempt the biggest of the walks which is the 'Saints Way.
This walk goes from Padstow on the north coast all the way south to Fowey. It goes via a place called Helman Tor. We thought we would do it over three days and completed the first two days last weekend. There is no better way of seeing places than by walking around the back lanes and footpaths.
The walk took us through a very impressive wind farm with its huge windmills turning. We can't fathom why people kick up such a fuss over them because we think they are wonderful. Later we were lucky enough to get close to a village when they performed a recital on the church bells. It was simply beautiful.
Helman Tor had a charm all of its own as well. A large Tor that shows signs of being an Iron Age fort at some time. There is a stone up there; all three tons of it; which we couldn't find. It teeter's when you walk on it. We clambered across all sorts of stones but nothing moved. We start the finish of our walk from there next time and so we are determined to find the wretched thing then. I felt sure it was this one but nothing moved apart from me.

Back on my delivery again this week at Grampound Road when Tania stopped coming out. It turns out that she too has been taken off driving. It seems she damaged her vehicle on a lump of granite rock. When will Royal Mail learn that accidents will happen all the while the pressure is on the staff to finish within time??  

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