Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chapter Thirty Seven

Day off today (Friday 11-05-12) and Grahame and Julie are down for the weekend. Really looking forward to seeing them again. I have missed my brother a lot. I met up with them both at the Eden Project. Julie has been down to Cornwall before as a little girl but Grahame has never been in the county in his life. It seemed a good place to start.
All pleased to see each other and there was much catching up to do as we walked around the site. Although chilly outside the Equatorial rainforest section soon brings the warmth back to your bones. We had a good mooch about and saw everything that was on offer...we even had lunch...before setting off back to my house.
Both Grahame and Julie loved it and said how lucky we were to have found it. They took great delight in making friends with the two pheasants, Percy and Pippa, who seem to have moved into the garden. They chose the right time to come down to Cornwall as well, because the weather picked up throughout the day and it became very warm and sunny.
Once Linda got home from work we all set off to Carne Beach for a good walk. The tide was only just starting to come in and we made the most of our walk. With most holiday makers away at present, Cornwall is fairly quiet and peaceful; we had the beach virtually to ourselves.
From here we drove them over to Portscatho and had a wonderful dinner in the Royal Standard. A good end to the first day.
Saturday, Grahjame volunteered to come with me and help out on the round. His help was invaluable as we walked around together and we shaved a good 45 minutes off the delivery time. It meant we could get home and head off out a little quicker.
We took them both down to St Micheals Mount but found it is closed on a Saturday. An unusual day to close in the scheme of things but it is not without common sense. All National Trust places must shut at least one day a week. They chose Saturday because that is 'holiday changeover day'. This was the day they always got the least amount of visitors...so they close it.
Still, we had a drink and a sandwich at the pub opposite the causeway as we waited for the tide to creep out a little more, and then we walked across to the island itself. We were able to take a walk around the harbour and the little village there and we all enjoyed ourselves.
From there we then drove across to St Erth and picked up the little train into St Ives. The sun shone and the sea sparkled as we chugged into the little station. It is just a short walk from the station down to the harbour and the tide was well on its way out by then, so we walked down onto the beach.
There is no better view of St Ives than from the sandy floor of the harbour. We made our way across and climbed the old stone steps on the arm of the harbour beneath the lighthouse. It is my favourite place in the whole of Cornwall, (and Looe as well) and I know it made a deep impression on Grahame and Julie.
We walked them around the far side of the town and up onto the Island with its little church on the top. It really was a lovely day and the views were amazing.
All to soon it was time to leave and we drove back to Tregony. We have never gone into our other local pub so we thought we would go there with Grahame and Julie to try it out. The pub in our village is the Kings Head...the pub in Tregony is the Kings Arms. I suspect there may well be a pub somewhere called the Kings Legs, but I haven't found it yet. I'm not even sure if it is the same king!!!
However, the food was superb and we enjoyed the meal.
Sunday dawned bright and sunny and the temperature was definitely hot. Linda went to her farm today to do her hours volunteering and took Julie with her. While they were feeding animals and mucking out, Grahame and I cooked breakfast.
A full English champagne breakfast, sitting out in the garden, seemed the order of the day and this we did. We looked like the squire and his family sitting out there, but it was a good laugh. It also helps you realise sometimes just how lucky you are.
 Grahame and Julie had to pack up then to head for home. We had decided to go to the Lost Gardens of Heligan together and say goodbye from there. This is part of the gardens showing the bee boles.

We must have spent a good five hours walking around the place and Linda was in her element. Camera clicking, she missed nothing on her way around the place. In fact we enjoyed it so much that Linda and I joined the Friends of Heligan so that we can visit the place regularly. One of the bonuses of that is that you can get in an hour earlier than anyone else and take your photos before to many people arrive. It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed it; I think we were all sorry when it ended.
We decided on eating dinner before we said goodbye so drove to the pub at Polgooth for a meal. While there we listened to the amazing end to the football season when City beat United to the top with the last kick of the match. Very exciting and City deserved their success even if I wasn't happy about it. Grahame's Arsenal came third so he was happy anyway.
The meal was very good and we ate that outside as well. Sadly we then really had to say goodbye and we both headed home...but in different directions. Grahame and Julie east; Linda and I west.
I am on holiday for a week now and unfortunately Linda could not get the time off. It is a year to the day that we started our walk around the coast path.Yesterday was the 14th, which was the day we travelled down to Minehead and todayis the 15th, the day we started walking.
What an awful lot has happened in one small year 

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