Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chapter Twenty Nine

Sorry about this but I have not been on the old blog for a while. Over a month in fact. Things have been very busy down here and lots to do. I don't seem to be writing at the moment. It's as much as I can do to bother putting an entry into my diary. I don't know why. I just can't find the enthusiasm for it at the moment.
I miss my old classes and reading groups so much. These were my biggest inspiration and without them I seem to be lagging behind. I have looked for classes and groups down here but can't seem to find any. It is only now I am not at Royal Mail at Farnham that I realise how much inspiration and ideas I picked up amongst the general banter and humour in the place.
I have tried for a couple of literary agents but nobody seems to want to know. I seem to be drifting at the moment and I don't know why. Judging by the amount of books I'm reading at the moment I think I have drifted into some form of holiday mode. The Kindle is almost worn out with overuse and I am developing 'Kindle thumb' in the right hand.
But today I have finally sat down and written a couple more 300 word pieces for the local paper. It was good to get back in harness again and do something constructive. That is a half a dozen pieces for them now and I am quite pleased with the work done. If I can put the pieces onto the blog I will do.
Anyway...back to the beginning of March and events that have taken place.
It was our fourth wedding anniversary on the 7th...Can anybody out there guess who forgot it?
WRONG...it was both of us. Things had been so busy and so hectic that it somehow slipped our minds. I was very good though and did an honourable thing.
On the day of the anniversary I was working at Portscatho. Ellie is on a two week holiday so I am the van driver for a fortnight. It's been brilliant and I am enjoying things very much. I got home full of good humour and wellbeing even though a little tired. Coming into our hallway I picked up the post and flicked through the envelopes.
There were two cards addressed to us both and I couldn't puzzle out what they were for. I opened the first envelope from my mum and pulled the card out. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the message across the front. My eyes flickered to the calendar and spotted the date..."Oh my God. I forgot. I'm going to die!!! Oh my God."
I tore open the other card and that had the same sort of message, but this time from Katrina. My mind now working overtime, the old survival instinct kicked in and I instantly knew what to do...
"Right then fool...'DON'T PANIC MR MANNERING'...Linda won't be home for three hours. Into the car; dash off to Truro; buy one card, one gift, wrapping paper; gallop back home, nobody will ever know...sorted."
It was then I saw the flashing light on the telephone indicating that someone had left a message. My first thought was that I don't have time to listen to that...but I pressed the button anyway. Linda's voice filled the room.
"Oh Mully...I don't know what to say. I just got a text wishing us Happy Anniversary. I forgot all about it. I know you would have remembered but I completely forgot. I'm so sorry." She had rung four hours ago.
This is when the devil gets behind you; climbs on your shoulder; and whispers in your left ear.
"She forgot...she thinks you remembered...brownie points for you when you get the card and stuff...you can profit from this for weeks...you're a very lucky boy...why don't you... AARRGGHH.
Thats the noise the devil makes when you punch him on the nose and he flies out of the window.
I grabbed the phone and dialled Linda straight away. She must have been feeling bad all that time.
She picked the phone up and I barely gave her time to answer before I blurted down it...
"I forgot all about it as well."
I explained about the cards arriving and the sudden shock of realisation creeping in. I even explained what I had intended doing before I spotted her message. I think Linda guessed then what I could have done after hearing her message but didn't because she hinted at it.
We both knew I wouldn't have done that anymore than Linda would have.
That was our best anniversary so far...

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