Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chapter Thirtyone

9th March.
                 I'm having a great week doing the mail van delivery at Portscatho. It has been just like old times and I have enjoyed seeing new friends. I am also doing the work I do best and it is a lot of fun. I had to go to St Austell today to pick some visitors up from the station. It was Lucy and Jon.
It was wonderful seeing them climb down from the train.
They are staying with us for the weekend and I could not be more delighted. We got home to settle in and then I took them both for a drive around my two deliveries at Portscatho and Gerrans. That has become a feature of people visiting and I have done it more than once.
Both of them look very well and seem to be enjoying living and working in London. I know Lucy is unhappy were she is working and I hope she will soon have news of a better job offer for herself. The two of them have a flat in London that they are sharing and hopefully we shall soon be able to stay up there with them.
One final bit of good news is that Roxanne has finally managed to get away from that horrible relationship she was in. She has had to be the one to move out, even though it was her that dumped the lying, stealing little prat.
She has managed to get somewhere and is also seeing a really decent lad.
The other festering little object can stew in his own juice for all I care. I am certain that if he doesn't change his attitude and grow up a bit he will spend his life on benefits and drifting in and out of prison. I could be wrong but " this space".
It has been many years since I have been in Cornwall with Lucy so I asked her where she would like to go first. I should have Tintagel it was. Bringing up your children on a diet of magic and fantasy, plus a grand sense of history seems to have worked. They like the same stuff I do.
It was a bit colder and miserable than we would have liked but we had great fun. It was fun scrambling around on the beach and exploring the great cave under the castle. Suitably eerie and with the ever present worry of the tide coming in, it was a good start to the exploration. I was so excited to have Lucy and Jon down with us...this is the only picture I remembered to take. What a numpty.

The long climb to the top of the castle is very testing and I envied the two younger ones their stamina as they casually strode up to the top. Linda followed behind them at a slightly slower pace but with a vast amount of energy whilst I brought up the rear with all the grace of a broken down hack. Wheezing and gasping, with a face of purple hue, I finally arrived at the top with them.
Thank God I gave up smoking twenty years ago...I swear I would be dead now if I hadn't.
The view as usual is breathtaking and the climb was well worth it. My only dismay was that I had forgotten my English Heritage corporate card and had to pay.
On leaving, Linda drove us all to Port Isaac. Not only a favourite place of ours, but also somewhere Lucy remembers as well. We walked around the place and they both wanted to see 'Doc Martin's cottage'. This entailed another long climb but I was immune to the pain and hardship by then. I simply showed a manly upper lip. I lied...I whinged like a baby. Not very eddifying.
Back once more in the harbour a visit to the pub for a fish and chip supper plus a couple of pints of 'Tinners' soon had me up and running again.
A really good day out but sadly marred by bad news from Surrey.
Linda's mum Brenda and her friend Chris were involved in a car crash. Although the car was written off and both ladies injured, thankfully it is not life threatening. Obviously both in a state of shock with much bruising and plenty of aches and pains; Brenda has broken and cracked ribs while Chris has a broken ankle.
Much pain and discomfort to follow I fear but at least they are still with us. Thankfully Linda has been able to talk to family up country and is 'in the loop' as it were. Her mind has been put at rest that there is nothing she can do and she has accepted that. She will not be able to get up and visit or help out...and thankfully that won't be necessary. It is always the great worry when you move away from family and friends; even more so knowing that one day it will have to be dealt with.
Thankfully, Linda is off all next week due partly to the relentless pressure from her work. She will stay at home and take some much needed 'me' time in her garden. At least she can be available if things take a sudden bad turn.
On the Sunday she elected to stay in the garden and keep herself busy for the day so I took Lucy and Jon out by myself. First call was the Eden Project. It had been many years since they had been and Lucy was keen to see how it had changed.
As usual the walks under the domes was very magical and they both enjoyed it. As a small mercy, the top walkway was closed due to the strong build up of humidity up there. We couldn't go up and I have to confess to a small sigh of relief at not having to show my fear once again.
Jon managed to operate the two machines at the other building (which always half kill me when I use them) and we were able to watch the end result without me lying down on the floor gasping my lungs out.
From here we then drove down to St Ives and had a few hours spent there. It brought a lot of memories back to Lucy and I as we used to holiday down there when the kids were small. We walked right around the harbour before climbing down the steps onto the sand. Jon and I managed to leap across the stream of incoming tide and landed dry shod on the sand.
Needless to say, Lucy did the same but only got halfway. One foot has now been bathed in freezing cold sea water and she has a sopping wet shoe. Nothing daunted she laughed it off, marched into a pub, placed the shoe on a radiator, and sat down for lunch and drinks. I do admire my daughters very much. lol.
Monday I was back to work but raced around like a madman so that I could get back in time to see them before they left. I got back early enough that Linda didn't have to take them and I was able to run them up to the station.
Time is never slow enough and the train soon arrived. Saying goodbye was so hard but had to be done. I am very fortunate with both my daughters ...and with both their partners as well. All four of them are a delight and all mean much to me. It does mean that saying goodbye gets tougher every time. At least they know they can come back whenever they want too.
I still hate saying goodbye though...         

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