Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chapter Twenty two

Linda walking through a local lane. We went out for the day just to explore the area a bit.
This is on Carne beach. It was a grey old day but we decided to go Rock pooling and see what we could find.
This was another day entirely on the same beach. We came down for a walk before going to the service at Tregony for Rememberance Sunday.
This was the view one evening as I arrived at the Doctors Surgery at Probus. I just wanted a picture really.
These three pictures were taken at St Austell just before the torchlight procession. A group were playing tunes on salvaged equipment. They gave everyone drumsticks made out of cut down pipe and got them to drum out a beat on anything around them. I wouldn't allow my head to be the drum so Linda played the bannister rail on the steps.
The recycled Christmas tree at the Eden Project.
The middle of December and the daffodils are out. We have never seen daffodils before that were growing the same time as cabbages and leeks. Amazing.
This is me on Perranporth beach. A really lovely long walk with the tide eventually racing us as we headed back.
Thats Linda's car with a bit of a rainbow behind it.

I am well aware these are not the best photos in the world but that is because I took them. This was just a first attempt to get pictures onto the blog. I will get some of Linda's and put them on the next one.

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