Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Chapter Twenty Seven

All is going very well here at the moment and we are enjoying life. Both of us are busy at work although Linda has struggled a bit. Her work load is huge and she is not finding enough hours in the day to do all the things they want her to do. She is hoping to get her job role re-evalued so that she can concentrate more on certain things and less on others.
She would much rather be in charge of fewer things that she can really make a difference on; rather than many things were she barely scratches the surface.
As for me; I am having a brilliant time working out of Portscatho. The people there are very nice and I enjoy meeting them. One chap was born and raised in our village of Ruan Lanihorne. His family, named Coad, owned the Mill down beside the creek for several generations. One of his granny's used to live in our house. Peter has been so interesting to talk to and he has brought the past alive for me concerning the Roseland and our two villages in particular.
At certain high tides he said the water used to run through the mill as the lower part of the village flooded. His other granny once climbed up onto the piano to stay dry as water poured through.
He has described the amount of industry that went on here in Ruan, as well as the different shops that supplied the village. Before the river silted up it must have been a thriving little place.

However the castle was just a memory by the time he lived here, and our cottage and two others were already firmly established in the castle grounds. However the creek and the estuary look lovely...especially when the tide comes in of an evening.
It is a measure of how kind and decent Peter and his wife Megan are, thay they always leave a glass of squash out for me when I am on delivery. Two thirds of the way round the delivery they are perfectly positioned for me. It is while having my drink that we chat about things as we look out over the bay. No wonder I am happy here.
As I said before; I deliver the walk four days a week and do the driving job one day a week. The driving job is great fun and I easily clock up eighty miles a day. It is a lot different here than it was back in Farnham.
On my walking delivery days, I get up at 0640 with Linda and leave the house an hour later. This allows me to drive into Portscatho for 08-00 and the start of my day. I then deliver until 13-00 when my work is done and I come home.
On my driving delivery days things are very different. My mail van is parked in my drive and my days work starts when I get into it at 06-00 and head off to Truro. I drive across to Truro which is similar to driving from Farnham to Guildford using country roads. On arrival I do a van check before clearing down all of our mail and the mail for St. Mawes.
 I am normally back on the road between 07-00 and 07-10. I then drive back towards my house and continue on along similar country roads and through St. Just, until I get into St Mawes. This is directly opposite Falmouth across the 'Carrick Roads'.
The post office at St Mawes is right beside the harbour and this is were I stop and leave them the first run of their mail. I then turn up a hill which is the equivalent of driving up the side of a house and head back towards St Just. After passing through there I then turn off and head down towards the little bay that Portscatho sits in.
I pull up here at about 08-00 and unload our mail into our little office. We too, look out over the harbour, but our office is about twenty feet above the beach; unlike St Mawes were the office is practically level with the beach.
Both of us prepare our rounds and normally finish just as the St Mawes driver turns up with our second wave of mail. She drops that with us and continues on with their mail. It seems an odd system I know but it works very well.
I get out on delivery by about 09-30 and have to drive straight away to the village school. This is the only place in the village were I can re-boot my PDA for the morning. As the PDA's rely on the mobile phone network to operate this is one of only two places on route were I can connect it to the system.
I did all this on my first day and, on getting to the first call were I needed it, I lifted it out of its cradle to use.
As I picked it up...the battery fell out onto the floor. Brilliant. I reconnected everything but now I couldn't reboot it because of 'no signal'. Once more I had to jump into the van and head off to a signal area to fire the thing up again. That cost me another twenty minutes plus an extra eight miles. It never happened like this in Farnham.
Anyway; on a good day without that sort of old shenanigans; I can be around this delivery and back by 14-00. The van is parked safely back in the drive and all is done.
This delivery takes in a large village called Gerrans and also two large areas of the Roseland. One is called 'Rosevine' which is a long country lane sprinkled with houses leading down towards Porthcurnick Beach.
The other is 'St. Anthonys Head' which is a large headland opposite St. Mawes and Falmouth. I have found it very odd to be delivering to both rural and coastal areas at the same time. I have always been used to one or the other. Now I can deliver to a farmhouse and its fields with its crops and animals...yet in the background there is the sea with its cargo ships and fishing boats.
I deliver to one farmhouse with cows in the byre...yet a minute later and 200 yards up the road...I'm in a boatyard with the sea within inches of my wheels. I love it!!!
I carry a small basket in the back of the van now and normally return home with some eggs, jam, or some other local produce in it. The other day when Linda got home...she found the whole house full of little bunches of daffodils. I'm glad she liked them or that would have been a waste of a fiver. 

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