Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chapter Seventeen

Just had to write down my latest bit of good news. I have felt a little abandoned by Royal Mail as you may have guessed. Its all I know really and it has been hard to be on my own and away from the work I love to do. The advice from workmates at Farnham; and friends and family; has been pretty consistent.
"Keep your head down; just do your job; and see what happens."
Thats good advice too, that I have always given out myself, and that I have always tried to follow. I was delighted so many people felt the same way and I've knuckled down and got on with it.
Surprisingly yesterday; I got a letter from Royal Mail Truro telling me that my first three months are also up and I have to go in for an appraisal. They also seemed pleased in the letter at my work level so far...I dislike the phrase so much but it seems..."I have ticked all the boxes". Eugh...that even made my skin crawl just writing it down; BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE LEAVING FARNHAM...I FEEL POSITIVE ABOUT MY WORK.
Today is my day off and as usual it felt strange to not be working especially at Xmas time. I have not been considered for any overtime since my arrival and it has felt very strange. I was aware when I had my interview three months ago; and it was never said but simply implied; that it was considered that my age went against me as did my working in "London".
There is a misconception down here amongst a lot of people in Cornwall that there is only two postal regions...West Country or London...and London is were the militant, cowboy, and lazy easy jobs postman come from. In vain I kept repeating that I wouldn't know about that because I never came from London. In vain I tried explaining that we are nearer the Devon border here than I was to London in Farnham but the impression is still there.
Anyway...three months along...finally I have managed to prove I will work in all weathers; not collapse in a gibbering heap if my mail pouch has a packet in it; always be on time; and that other horrible phrase...eugh..."I will always go the extra mile."
And today I have been asked to go and do a delivery on my day off. Yeehah; at last. Not only have I been asked to do some overtime on this delivery...they have said that when I have finished, to come into Truro because there is more 'docket' if I want it.
They seemed so nervous asking, as if I was going to bite their proverbial heads off. If only they could guess how pleased I am to feel needed and how happy I am to be working. At least I feel I can hold my head up at last. I have also applied for three more delivery jobs down here as well so hopefully they will take the application seriously.

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