Friday, 18 November 2011

Chapter Thirteen

It was with great stupidity that I managed to start my day. You will remember that had I put on the clothes that I dumped in front of the washing machine the night before. This was the pile of washing brought back from our weekend away and Linda decided to leave them and put them through the wash this morning. Of such tiny acts 'does life lurch along'.
I put on a grubby pair of jeans and a filthy t shirt with my intention being that I would dump these back on the floor when I nipped up with Linda's cup of tea and took a shower. It didn't go to plan.
Six o'clock came and I suddenly remembered that Fiona had a job interview today. Our phones dont work in the village but they do work about a mile up the road beside the barn. I put my mobile in my pocket; quietly let myself out of the cottage; and quickly drove up to the barn to send the text.
Sitting in the dark it didn't take long to send the message and I duly returned back to base and slipped back in.
I now had five minutes left and quickly boiled the kettle and made two cups of tea. Just as Linda's alarm went off I skinned out of jeans and t shirt; grabbed both mugs; and went back upstairs to say good morning. Linda was just sitting up and did look a little startled as I entered the room wearing nothing except one pair of glasses and two mugs.
I explained that I couldn't sleep and been up for a while writing. Linda showered as I shaved; I showered as she dressed; and I dressed as she came down stairs. When I followed her down I could hear the washing machine whirring away and Linda preparing breakfast. We chatted as I made something for myself and we ate before getting ourselves sorted out for work.
Linda was just preparing her lunch to take to work when I gathered up my things for the day. It's not a lot; wallet, coin wallet; notebook; keys; and mobile...and I usually can't find something
"Now where's my mobile?" I thought quietly, " I last had it in the car. I've left it on the passenger seat...idiot."
I went out and opened the car door; "No sign of the thing, did it fall on the floor? Nope; is it in the door holder? Nope; Where did I put it? Think you idiot; you sat in the car; sent the text; did I put it back in my jeans? Probably; yes I did; it's in my jeans."
I dived back in through the front door and ran into the kitchen. Linda looked a little startled as I switched off the machine and waited for the water to drain out.
"What's the matter?" She asked anxiously.
"Nothing love," I replied equally anxiously, "I may have left something in the pocket of my jeans."
"That's alright, " she smiled at me, "I know what a numpty you are so I checked them last night; all empty."
"I know love," I bent down as the door clicked and I was able to open it, reach in, and pull out the sopping wet jeans, "But I put them on this morning when I was writing and I left this in them."
I turned around and held up the phone. Water dripped onto the floor out of it as I stared at her, resigned for the next, and frequently used comment, "Mully!! You idiot!!!"
Even the sim card was ruined.
I had to replace the lot.

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