Friday, 28 October 2011

Chapter Ten

Another beautiful day dawns down here in Kernow Land. Linda woke up and turned the light on this morning which lulled me into a false sense of awareness. She was just hanging up her dressing gown and getting back into bed; beside me on my bedside locker amongst my pills, prosthetics, and various other parts that I can't sleep with but can't live without, was a steaming cup of tea.
"Morning love," say's I; "Morning Super Stud Sex God Mully," says she. I sat up and realised she had actually just said, "Morning Mully,"...but I'm sure the thought was probably there.
She reached over and picked up her word search book and started to work on one of the puzzles.
Awake now it dawned on me there seemed to be no urgency with Linda getting up and I glanced at my clock hidden behind the tea mug.
"Quarter to five!!!", I yelped now completely wide awake, "Wassup?"
"I couldn't sleep love so I went down stairs and made us both a cup of tea," she smiled, "I knew you'd want one."
"But I was asleep quite happily," I thought as I politely said, "Thank's love; very kind of you."
"Bang goes an hour and a half's kip," I thought as I picked my book up and opened it. The tea  tasted good though.
Fifteen minutes later with her mug of tea drunk and her puzzle finished Linda was fast asleep beside me, while I, now completely wide awake, sat glued to my book and lost in the prehistoric world of the latest in the "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.
When the alarm eventually went off, my refreshed and rested wife dashed about and busied herself in her morning rituals for getting ready for work. Meanwhile I staggered from the bed giving off jaw cracking yawns, before attempting my morning rituals, before another tough day keeping the home fires burning.
Refreshed with the first of many coffee's of the day I slumped into my armchair and watched the local morning news before burying my nose back into my book. All too soon Linda headed off to work and I was abandoned once again.
This time yesterday I went off for a walk in the rain towards the estuary. I cleaned out the surface water drain as I walked down the hill towards the creek, before turning right and heading along the road to the Quay and the estuary beyond. There was a huge deep puddle of water in the road at the bottom of the hill and I assumed it was the run off water.
It was still raining as I got around the head of the estuary and stood on the little old bridge that crosses our river. It was very wet out but also quite beautiful with the sense of peace and quiet all around. I did my good deed for the day as I used to do in Bentley every day.
My old mail van always had a box in it and I would pick up any bottles, cans, or newspapers dumped on my delivery. If you do it daily it doesn't amount to very much and I used to dump the lot in the bottle, can, and paper bank almost at the end of my round. It just keeps things nice and is good for the old recycle.
Sure enough, along the road to the estuary is the isolated can, or bottle(both plastic and glass), and paper. It takes no time at all on the way back to pick these items up and take them home in a bag. Our recycle bin looks very varied sometimes...not that I leave it out for the recycle people.
I still can't make heads or tails of when they call for the stuff and neither can Linda. One week its paper; the next week cans and bottles; the next is plastics; or is it the other way around. It matter's not anyway...monday is always weekly rubbish day so that's not a problem. Friday is my shopping day and I dump the lot in the recycle bin's at the supermarket. I've met several other people doing this as well because they can't make heads or tails of the system either. I never thought I'd say it but there does seem to be something to be said for uniformity in council rubbish and recycle disposal.
Anyway...lets forget that load of rubbish...chuckle..."load of rubbish", "nice pun Mully", I hear you shout. " Let's forget that load of rubbish and turn towards today.
I said goodbye to Linda and became aware of the blue skies and sunrise going on. There was barely a cloud or breath of wind so I nipped back into the house and came out five minutes later, warmly dressed and welly booted. Turning down the hill I headed back onto yesterdays walk.
You remember I mentioned the huge deep puddle of water yesterday. Well it was gone when I came back and I assumed someone had rodded the drain into the creek and the water had run away. To my surprise the water was back there today and just as deep...but it wasn't raining. Then it dawned on me. That's how come the road floods on High Spring tides. The water wasnt 'runoff' rainwater; it was the tide filling up our creek and pushing through the drain pipe up into the road. I was right as well, because the tide was just on the turn back out as I started my walk and when I came back an hour later and the level of water in the creek had dropped nearly four feet...all the water in the road had gone.
I walked along quietly listening into the silence of the morning. I say 'silence' was anything but...the natural sounds were all around me. The water was trailing back through the marshy grass in little unseen streams towards the main creek. The water was unseen, but not unheard. It chuckled and giggled its way along and made a music all its own as it drained away.
Our creek enter's the water of the estuary to the left of us as you walk along the road; the much bigger river enter's towards the right. It wonderful to watch with the sun glistening on it and is well worth seeing. Today there was also the added bonus of a mist curling its way up as well.
Overhead and all around is the constant call of the birds. Geese honking loudly predominate at the moment as do the seagulls. Because of our position though we get both coastal birds and countryside birds. The sounds of owls calling around our house competes with the harsh squawk of pheasants. The garden is full of the usual garden birds, with a few birds of prey keeping an eye on the bird table and treating our garden as a free supermarket. The occasional swoop and spiralling feather attests to that.
Walking along today I could here that wonderful call that wading birds come out with; very evocative and lonely in their calls, it is a reminder of our different home life now. One flew overhead, with its long curved pointed beak and headed towards the reeds. An Egret or a Curlew, I think; as they are the only two names that I know, its a little difficult to identify them I'm afraid.
I walked a little way out into the wet grass and water and picked up a couple of soft drink and beer cans chucked in there; obviously from passing cars I would think. That was exciting as the ground quivered and shook beneath me.
I even found an old glass bottle as well and some sweet corn cans...sadly it doesn't take a genius to work out who dumped those. Not all anglers are as caring as they should be although, thankfully, most of them are.
I enjoyed the walk though and it was a lovely time. On the way back up to our house I had our local pub, 'The Kings Head' directly in front of me. It is a brilliant 'free house' selling good beers and serving superb food. Andy is brilliant in the kitchen and is a fantastic cook as well as very nice person. Nikki is more front of house and is also very nice as well. She keeps the pub and restaurant in order and running smoothly with her able staff.
Don't take my word for it...come down for a drink and a meal...its as if you've been invited into someone's home; its brilliant.
We took Jan and Jim in there yesterday after they had come down this way and managed to find us. Great to see them both and a happy reminder of good days on my old delivery. Dinner was a delight and we really enjoyed the evening. As with all good things, it had to come to a reluctant end and we said our goodbyes.
Nikki thought it very decadent that they would come all the way down here just for dinner, so Linda and I plan on taking more of you across there in the future.
I also received a phione call yesterday morning from Truro Royal Mail. The manager down here is a Louise Buckley and she rang me to ask if I could start work on Monday at 0830. It looks like I'm back in the fold and ready for the off. My biggest fear now is that the old shorts might not go around the manly tum.
There has been a surfeit of pasties and 'full Cornish' breakfasts, and sadly, some small decline in the exercise. Still, no problem; I shall soon take on the usual body of the 'bronzed Greek God' with a slimness akin to a racing snake. "You'd have to be mad not to have noticed the similarity", he said with tongue in cheek.
Linda is enjoying her work very much and seems to be travelling to all points of Cornwall to do her job. Looking happier and more relaxed than I've seen her in a long while, I think she is getting as much out of this job as she is putting in. I'm very proud of her, knowing especially how she does lack a certain confidence. You wouldn't think it at the moment though.
The saga of the spare bed is slowly coming to an end. I have rung up and demanded to know, demanded I say... no I didn't, I wussed out. I rang up and asked were the bed was and would it be coming soon. I spoke to three people and got put on hold several times before they told me there wouldn't be a bed in the area like the one we ordered until next Monday. They said they'd ring us when they could deliver it. No apology for the lack of response to phone calls and e mails; no apology for the complete 'dogs dinner' of a service they supplied; and no apology for the  loss of the original bed that didn't arrive. I reared up to the full height of my wrath, wussed out again, said 'thankyou very much, I'll wait for your call' and hung up. I'm sure they sneered at me afterwards.
I also found out what 'sniggling' is. Who would have guessed it...

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