Sunday, 18 September 2011

Chapter two

It never entered my head that morning, that before the day was out, our lives would change forever. Linda switched on the computer to check her e-mails. As usual...I was hard at work reading a book. I know how to keep busy believe me. Linda's shout shattered the peace of the day and, incredibly, managed to get me to put the book down. The last time I put a book down was when somebody shouted that the Falklands had been  invaded. Even then I picked it straight back up again and carried on reading.

"Mully", Linda bellowed as she leapt up, over turning her chair as she did so and leaping around like a box of frogs, "Look".

Startled beyond measure, the old survival instinct kicked in at this point and I launched myself, book in hand, at the door. By the time I had reached the safety of the shed at the bottom of the garden, my steel hat was on my head; my rucksack was packed; and I was armed with the garden fork and ready to defend us from whatever was happening. I was still clutching my book.

I peered out from the foliage as I watched Linda shrieking and shouting as she danced jerkily down the garden.
"It's got to be some kind of gas attack, " I thought as I pulled my great grandads 1917 gas mask over my head and prepared to defend the shed.

"You idiot Mully,"

It's amazing how much of Linda's conversation to me starts with those words...truly amazing.

"You idiot Mully," she bellowed again as my heart pounded, "Guess what I just got sent to me this morning. Its a job offer for the Alzheimers Society." She paused for effect, "And its in Truro."

I stood up and looked at her. Never in my life had I seen her so animated, so excited, so determined.

"Its got my name written all over it. If I get the interview...then its mine. We can move to Cornwall, were we wanted to be, Cornwall, Mully, Cornwall."

Dropping my fork and the gasmask, plus helmet, I launched myself at her and we hugged and danced together in the damp grass of the early morning. It is hard to convey the delight we both felt at the opportunity. I've wanted to move to the coast since boyhood and Linda has always loved Cornwall.

I tried to keep an air of caution about me as Linda enthused over the chance we'd been given. I've never, ever, believed in a free lunch. Excitement building I determined to simply go with the flow and await developments. I'm good at that.

The next few days passed in something of a blur as Linda compiled her CV and answered the questions posed to her on the computer. I did my usual trick and buried my head in the sand...well a book really. I would wait and see.

There are times in your life though when you know that forces more powerful than yourself are at work. They should check the top of Mount Olympus again because somewhere, the gods are interfering in the affairs of man...especially this man.

It was with a complete understanding of fate and a complete confidence in Linda's incredible ability that I saw the offer of an interview appear a few days after the final date of the job offer. She was invited to an interview the following week at Truro. Without saying anything to each other we both knew the job was her's.

I saw Linda onto the train at Guildford and waved goodbye as it pulled out of the station. The goodbye had been difficult as we are happier in each others company. Although not joined at the hip, we have a need to be together. Seperating, even for an overnight, is uncomfortable.

Several hours later I received a call to say she was safely arrived and all set for the morning.

The following day passed in something of a whirl before I went to collect her from the station.

"I've had my interview Mully and I think it really went well. NO!!! I know it went well. I've got a good feeling about this."

That was the short version of her phonecall from Truro station as she waited to come home. The huge grin on her face as she strode along the platform at Guildford confirmed it.

"They're going to ring me tomorrow and let me know." She smiled, her face lighting up even though she looked so tired. "I think its mine I really do."

I was on delivery the following morning and had just got to Leas Cottage when my phone rung. Within a moment it was at my ear.

"They've just rung me babe. I got the job."

It was at this point that there was an almighty great crash and I fell completely out of my comfort zone.


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